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The joys of Senior Sem

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Well after this week I will be 1/4 through the semester and that means I am about 1/4 of the way through my research project/paper. We have our first paper due Friday and I finished the rough draft yesterday. It had to be 3-4 pages on the background, history, and importance of what ever topic we chose to research. Basically I wrote the 10 page paper with out the proofs and am hopping thats what they want, as there requirements were really vague. I also threw in some pictures to help illistrate important topics and worked though 3 examples of important concepts. It took me 5 hours to type this stupid paper...Microsoft word hates me...but I finally got it done last night. I'm taking it to the writing center today and hoping those people can get over the scary math and help me with grammer/layout/style so when I hand it in on Friday I don't have to worry about loosing points for stupid things.

I am also meeting with my facalty advisor tomorrow to go over the math and make sure I didn't make any stupid math mistakes. When I emailed it to him last night I asked him to go over it with a fine toothed comb so I can get the highest grade possible when it counts.

Vibes are requested for the grade on the paper which I should know some time next week and for the presentation I have to give on this paper on the 20th. Its a 10 minute presentation giving a brief description of my topic and its history.
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ohh I remeber my senior semester of college...rough...so here are LOTS of vibes for the presentation and paper to do well

and just remember it will be over sooner then you think!!!
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