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A Pet Insurance that covers Check-ups and Vaccines?

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GoPetPlan is definitely #1 on my list......however, it does not cover any preventative care.

Does anyone know of any insurance companies that offer that??

It would be a great help!

Go pet plan only offers accidental insurance OR "testing" for illness. I would love a plan that helps with check-ups, teeth cleanings, vaccines, etc.... all that preventative care we know we all need!!!!

I was just wondering....any help would be greatly appreciated! I have three babies to insure, one who has to be fully tested due to her "urination problems" that have been discussed on here many times before!

Thanks. <3 *hugs*
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When I was checking there was at least one company that did offer all of those things. I believe it was an add on to the regular policy--it was much more expensive however.

PetsMart offers a Wellness Plan. However, it is not an insurance, really. My daughter had it for her Vizsla and she was happy with it. It did cover dental cleanings and shots and pretty much unlimited checkups and visits. However there is no emergency coverage, no accidents, and treatment and medication if needed, if I remember correctly, was discounted by 10 to 15%.

She was thrilled with it, but her dog is only 3 years old and really only needed his yearly checkups and a dental cleaning. I read up on it though and I got a little concerned. You have to use the PetsMart at which you purchase the policy. And just from what I have read, and it seems to make sense, the vets at most PetsMarts may be the younger, more inexperienced vets. They have very strict guidelines and follow a computer generated "protocol."

The insurance coverage that has it as a add-on would probably be better--but it is quite expensive.

Just remember pre-existing conditions aren't covered on any policies (I don't think), and they do require vet records. It takes 30 days for the policy to kick in too. So if the need for tests has been previously documented on your vets records, the only way I would see around that would be start with a new vet and act dumb

Hope this helps--just be thorough in your search. PetPlan was great for me, but I understand you have different concerns.

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