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Ordering from Schwans

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Does anyone here order from Schwans? I used to think they were too costly but with the way prices are going up in the stores, they really arent too bad...

I the cream cheese pretzels!! They are so addictive!!
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I never have, but my friends family does. It must be good because that family cooks and eats really well
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We do occasionally, but they really are too expensive to be something to do all the time. For the most part it's either food we don't need or things I could make for a lot less. I used to love their stuff pasta shells until the local grocery store started carrying some, and I can easily make them (mine taste better).
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we order from there once in a great while.

Several years ago they used to have some steaks they called Big Sam's or something like that (we called them Sammy Steaks).. they were little thick steaks.. very nice cut. I like my steak rare, and its easier to get rare when you have a thick steak, instead of one thats cut thin. I was mad when they stopped carrying those steaks!
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I remember the mint ice cream bars and BIL likes their pierogies.
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I love them!I just pick out what I want online,order it and they deliver thier prices aren't too bad and they have a large variety of things to choose from!
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love the stuffed chicken s ... ice cream and potatos
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They drive past my house every day.
We are thinking of ordering from them.
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My Mom orders from them and hubby likes the individual pizza's.
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This thread is making me hungry =(
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I like the stuffed chicken they have too..

The ice cream is always good too!
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Only thing I've ever gotten from them is the ice cream. I feel the prices for the other stuff is too high. But love the ice cream even if its a little on the high side - its a nice treat (we don't buy too much ice cream anyway).

Their Peach ice cream is to die for.........if you can get it (only for a short time in the summer).
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My Grandparents used to order from them all the time. I remember the ice cream was delish!! I haven't seen a truck around here in a long time though.
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