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Meowing at midnight

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My kitties used to sleep with me. But since they have been getting bigger they rather play then sleep. Nudging me at all hours of the night waking me up. So I have locked them outside my bedroom. They get every room in the house, except my bedroom, and it seems thats the only room they want to be in. Now they just sit at my doors to my bedroom(one from the living room hallway and one from the bathroom) They stick their heads under the door and meow at the top of their lungs. I don't know what to do to stop them. They do this to get my attention. I wake up of course, go out side of my bedroom, and my kittens run inside. What am I supposed to do to get them to stop the crying!?!?!
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Cats seem to take a closed door as a personal affront

We tried closing the door to keep the cats out while we slept, since we were getting run over in the middle of the night by cats who thought that 3 AM was a perfectly good time to place Chase Each Other Through The House. Well, their game then changed to Slam Ourselves Against The Door Until Mom Opens It. After 3 sleepless nights, we gave up and left the door open.

Yes, they've trained us well!
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Our cats used to do this too. Initially we used to let them both in the bedroom with us. This was until Zoe came into heat, once that happened, she took to peeing on our doona’s and even after we had desexed her she continued this nasty habit.

Answer to the peeing problem, leave both the doors to the two bedrooms with doona’s in them closed at all times. Like your cats, they were not too impressed with this and started howling outside our bedroom door every time we went to bed. Our solution was to give them a couple of squirts from the water bottle which made them run away. Now they are used to it and rarely bother howling outside the door now and if they do, it is a pretty half-hearted meow and then they are gone.

I hope that this might help you as well!
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It sounds like your cats are training you well. Cats have this issue with closed doors (at least mine does). They always seem to want to be on the other side of that closed door. And if you're getting up and letting them in when they cry during the night, you're teaching them that, hey, just meow more and mommy will come and open the door. Smart little guys, aren't they?

So, although it will probably be hard to do at first, you need to ignore them. Choose to either let them run through your room at night, or close your door, but you have to ignore their antics and meowing while you're lying in bed. That way, you're not reinforcing their meowing.

(And yes, this is easy for me to say... after the first two weeks I had Spike, he almost never wakes me up. Of course, I can sleep through most anything. )

Hope this helps!
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ignore them? haha You don't understand! Sox meows all the time. She wont stop until until I open the door. If I don't let her have her way, then she keeps me awake all night. I have to wake up early, I mean 4am to go to work and then at night I have class for college. I don't want to have to find her a new home, I love this kitty. But I need my sleep. I need help figuring out how to calm her down.
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Oh, I understand perfectly, really I do. But if you end up opening the door because your cat meows until you do, you're reinforcing the behavior. I don't know what's easier for you to sleep through - constant meowing or having them run kitty olympics over you while you sleep. But I would at least choose to have the door open and ignore their running, or keep it closed, and ignore their meowing. It's not going to be easy, and it won't happen immediately, but after a few nights of them seeing that their incessant meows/antics will not get you out of bed, they should stop. (*should* )

Also, I believe Hissy posted somewhere that if you give your kitty a little bit of warmed up canned cat food before bed, it will help to make them go to sleep.

Oh and another thing. I like to run Spike around for 15 -30 minutes before I go to bed. We also have our nightly routine. We do the running around, and then we come up to my room and he gets brushed and gets 2 treats as a "reward". After that, I tell him it's "time for sleepy", I get into bed, he usually hops on the bed or the cat tree, and I turn out the light. I think having a set routine can be helpful sometimes.

Maybe some of our other members have other ideas for you. Hope you find something that works.
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Oh gosh, that IS a dillemma!! Cats ARE so stubborn too!!! Maybe you could put a fan on high, to keep the noise level of the kitties down, and maybe ignore the meowing (yelling!) from your kitties? That way, they would KNOW you meant business, and would not be reinforcing the behavior you do not want! I saw a t-shirt not too long ago. It said: "A door, is what your pet is ALWAYS on the wrong side of!" ....SO true!!!
...p.s. Earplugs might help too!
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Okay I have tried the ignoring for 5 nights in a role. The other 2 kitties give up but Sox does not! Sox is the one I know can't be still if she was to sleep with me. This kitty is determined to get my attention. I don't know what to do to her. She doesn't stop and when I mean doesn't stop. She will meow for an hour straight. May'be stop for 5mintutes, I'm like "yes thank goodness it's over" MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW...and here we go again
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We use to close our doors at night...well, we still keep the kids doors closed at night, but Steve and I's door is left open now.You know what they use to do is, both Rocky and Fluffy would stick their paws under the door and shake the door until they got their mission accomplished..I tell you, they "could" open a door!!!
sooo, we leave it open now, and every once in a while, Fluffy will come and pounce on our feet, but hardly ever...Rocky never comes and bugs us anymore either....I do the warm canned food before bedtime too so I think he sleeps all night..I never see a sight of him at all at nightime....
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Warm canned food? hmmm I usually get a bit of baby milk, warm that up and then drizzy it on top of the soft(canned). It just won't stop Sox. Do you think it is because she wants to just drive me crazy and have my attention not 99% of the time but that 1% when I am sleeping? Or...may'be she wants to get to the ducks, which are right outside my sliding bedroom doors?
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Max used to do this too. I tried shutting him out, but he just kept meowing. I thought I would never get a good nights sleep.

Max now sleeps with me through the night. I play with him right before bedtime until he just gives up and I feed him right before we go to bed. When we get into bed I push him down and start to pet him and scratch under his chin (his favorite place to be scratched). If he gets up I push him down. Finally his purr gets more and more soft until he falls asleep. Now he wakes up when the alarm goes off. However, he has not gotten that Saturday and Sunday you can sleep in.
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maybe arrange to sleep at a friends, if you are on the ground floor, and can do it crawl out your window at night so kitty thinks your in there and then drive to a temp place to spend a couple nights rest. just a thought

I had a terrible time convincing my wife that the cats were not hurt they were not traped they were fine and just didnt like being closed off from us, this lasted 1 week and 3 days for my two boys, sence then they just wait at the door untill we wake up and then bolt in and under the bed, brats. They at least come when i whistle but not because they want to obey me, but because they know theres a treat involved if they come to the whistle, though i've only done this once as i dont want that to become "hey we sneak in, he whistles and we get a treat" rutine. I'm going to use that penneies in a can technique and tie it onto the door so that they wont like being around when that door opens. Maybe that might help you too, though it might be more annoying than its worth. Everythime kitty howles shake your can real good from inside.
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Well, see, the other kittens are scared of it once again. Grandma(my mom) bought them a little basketball (its for dogs) and Smeagol and Day'z are scared of the toy, but not Sox. I have tried the can w/ pennies, doesn't work for Sox. She isn't scared of anything. Thanks though.
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I SWEAR, I think Sox and my Spike are "soul brothers"---They come from the EXACT same mold!!! NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING! scares Spike!! He was so teeny tiny when I got him (4 weeks old and was being bottle fed by me) DH wanted (insisted!) his name was Spike--which was HILLARIOUS at that time, as he was just so frail and tiny!
--Well, let me tell ya, he is growing into his name very nicely!!! My other kitty is a quite timid full grown cat. I THOUGHT she was mischievious as a kitten (her name is Miss Mischief--Missy for short). But after having Spike--WOW!! She is an angel compared to him!!!! And when he gets something into his head, there is NO deterring him from his goal!!! I do keep him in the basement at night, and Missy stays upstairs, so she can at least have some "quiet time"--and us too!! He did meow pitifully, at the basement door when I started putting him down there, but it is warm and comfortable there. He has a big dish of food and water too, and a kitty bed, and a lambswool sitting on top of that! So, the meowing lasted about a week or so, then stopped. I put a fan, on high, in our bedroom and we did not hear him and all the ruckus he made for that time frame! It is so nice to get a night's sleep, and understanding what kind of cat you have, it would be almost impossible to do this with him lying (read: jumping, cavorting around etc....) next to you!!! P.S. Spike often spends the night, going around and turning the lights on/off in the basement, for his own enjoyment. YUP!!! We have those pullcords on the ceiling lights, and he jumps WAY up, grabs the very end of them --and yanks them to turn them on and off!!! My DH's nurse told me I should get a video of him doing that and send it in to get $10,000 for the best video (only thing is, I HATE those shows!!! )
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Shoot. I'd love a show that would give me 10,000 dollars for my annoying (yet cute and loving) kitty cat! haha, ya Sox loves to knock stuff off the counter. My mom always buys her "grandchilden"(kitties) play toys. Well, the other day she bought them a lil basketball that makes noise. Smeagol loves this toy. Of course all the noise making toys(Day-Z hates) I put them on the counter, of course Sox knocks them off and I hear the bong bong bowie whatever the sound is....
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Here is how I fixed Smudge and Nermal from pawing and crying at the bedroom door all night... When they were making a racket I would squirt under the door with a water gun and yell "NO!" really loud. I NEVER opened the door, so there was no positive reinforcement for their bad behavior and no chance for them to dash under my bed - all they got for their trouble was wet feet. Now if they meow at the door (which is rarely) all I have to do is say "NO!" and they stop.
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Yeah--Spike LOVES swooshing things off the counter, when he sneaks up there--then jumps off most time, before I walk in the room (like I didn't KNOW that item was on the counter 5 minutes ago!) GEESSSHHH!!!! Lately, he's been after these dumb pompoms I bought. I WAS hiding them up on the counter, so if he was doing something bad, that I could grab and throw a pompom and distract him. Well, he found my "stash" of the pompoms, and I had to find a new hiding place.(I have started to call him "Pompom Boy" now!!! hahaha )
p.s. Hey, spraying the bottom of the door like, swngdancir said, sounds like a GOOD idea! It might work for you!!!!
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Alright I'll try the water gun approach, WITHOUT opening the door. haha your lil kitten Smudge is a cutie pie. ...Hey Do you have a pic of Spike and Missy?
Thanks for the help
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