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Very stinky poops

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When we first got our kitten from the humane society they gave us a bag of Science Diet Kitten for him. Rather than waste it I continued to feed it and started adding in Innova Evo probably about 2 weeks ago. He took to it quickly and the Science Diet ran out, so he is purely on the Evo now. I didn't notice much of an odor when he was on just the science diet, but now on the evo his poops stink up an entire floor on the house. He just pooped in the ferrets upstairs litter box, and I had to completely empty the box, open windows, and spray air freshener to help with the smell. Is this just an adjustment thing with the food switch, or is this not going to get any better? Evo is a good food, but I can't live with this smell forever. If this is just what his poops will smell like on Evo I'll have to find him a different food.
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EVO is a rich food - not all kitties do well on it. I'd say for another month or so, expect issues as his body changes. EVO is normally a food I'd recommend a 4 week switch over due to it being so rich.
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I'd guess it's food related and if he doesn't adjust to Evo reasonably soon, maybe slowly try some other guy had horribly smelly poops, but it's incredibly better with Nutro. IMO, the best food for a cat is the one that actually works for him, which may or may not be the 'best-rated on the internet' food.
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Well I know the kitten will eat anything!

My older cat eats Nutro. I actually tried to switch him to Evo but he refused to touch it. If the kitten's poops don't improve over time I may try him out on Nutro as well.
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Mine eat EVO too, and Holly had the stinkiest when she was a baby! shes almost a year old now and its much better. kittens just make stinkies i think.
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My guy was about 3 1/2 when I got him, and his smelly poops. To this day, I'm glad that Nutro seems to work for him and that he no longer can wake me up from a sound sleep just by going #2
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I'd recommend switching his diet around also. I feed my cats wet food in the morning and when I come home and leave out some dry food overnight. I was feeding Gizmo TotW, and he really liked it. Unfortunately, his digestive system didn't. It gave him the most awful smelling loose stools.

I had bought a 5 pound bag and just wanted to finish it. Then one day I came home and found he had accidentally sprayed liquid poop all over the bathroom cabinet while jumping into the litterbox (I use tall Rubbermaid bins) and that was it. I donated the rest of the bag to the local cat shelter.

Now he eats NV Instinct and we're all much happier.
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Go grainfree is also a good grainfree food,and my cats also love the NV Instinct I also use TOTW.I use all 3 brands.
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There is a product that helps make poop less smelly for obligate carnivores (cats, ferrets, etc.). I wish I knew the name of it, but they were talking about it on one of the Martha Stewart pet shows on SIRIUS satellite radio.

The high protein foods are great for the animal but the downside is the smell.
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