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He feels so bad

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Dh was in the kitchen, getting stuff ready so I could cook dinner. Ricky Bobby was right on DH's heels and accidently got stepped on. I heard a big cry come from my poor baby. He stepped right on his paw, poor thing. He's ok, at first you could tell it hurt him, he was purring his head off right after so it must have hurt. He can put full weight on it and is not limping. DH felt so bad though, he kept going up to Ricky Bobby and telling him he was sorry. He even fed him his dinner of canned food, he never feeds him, I always do. He gave him treats too. I think it's so sweet that he feels so bad. I'm sure RB will be fine. My poor guys, it really scared both of them.
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awwwww your poor husband! My husband stepped on my cat Princes tail (and got clawed pretty bad) but he also felt horrible!
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And don't they always look at you like "You did that on purpose!" And they always run and hide right when you realize what you've done and want to cuddle them and let them know it will be ok..hahaha
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Awwww...poor kitty! Give that little boy hugs and kisses from his auntie in WV.
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I was like that too the first time I stepped on Kitty
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Glad RB is okay, he'll milk the attention from your husband as long as he can get it too!

I used to get that when I accidentally stepped on one of my boys. Now I look at them and ask if they have finally learned to stay out from underfoot yet? They keep doing it, so I assume not.
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Aww your DH is so sweet. I accidentally kicked Whisky once because I didn't see him sleeping there. His yelp was horrible, I think it was more shock than pain though. I felt SO bad, but he being a dog, was immediately forgiving I think I stepped on Cassie's tail once before (Wukong had a short tail so no problems there). She just looked at me like "WHAT is wrong with your eyes?", swished her tail and sat in a corner with her tail coiled around her. But she, too, is a very forgiving cat
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