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Newest Show Cat

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He does need to gain weight (per vet) and we are working on improving his coat through a better diet, but I wanted to get him acclimated to the show hall before we take him to the Atlanta show. He is a very tiny kitty. When I got him checked out at the vet, he was only 4.2 pounds. His overall stature is small so he is not expected to be a big kitty. He'll be 8 months old on the 15th.

I got him checked out to make sure he is ok to introduce to Luna. He has already received his series of shots through the shelter and is totally up to date. His strength is that he'll purr for almost anything. The vet tech did the thing where they stick up the thermometer up the cat's rear (which no cat likes) and the strange thing is that although he was squirming, his little purr motor was still going strong! The vet actually had to run water in order to stop his purring to check him out. Very good boy.

Edit: I've had him for a week now, so I think he's put on some weight already. The vet said to let him eat whatever he wants.
However my question is about his coat length. The due date was coming soon so I have him entered as a longhair. From the surface he looks like a shorthair, but when I hold him I notice he has a very thick and plush coat. What are the coat length requirements to be a longhair? And if he's not, what happens at the showhall?
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Hi there

He is definitely a Shorthair cat
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He looks more shorthair to me. Nice red tabby boy. He may wind up with a plushy coat like a Brit rather then really short. IMO a longhair would have to have fur about 1 inch or more in length.

What makes you think he's gonna be a longhair? I'd enter him as a shorthair - am assuming this is a household pet?
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his belly is super fluffy. I should probably correct his entry then if he's a shorthair.
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Don't go by belly fur - go by tail and top of the coat around the neck. Most cats have a little longer looking fur on the belly. Both Charlie and Ling have a little longer fur on the belly - but you know they are shorthairs

And its the reverse on a true long hair - the belly fur is not as long as the top coat/ruff/tail
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