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Very special moment :)

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My senior Joji has always been aloof to everything and everyone. She is now over 75% deaf. But last night as I was watching TV, she jumped on my lap and positioned herself so that I could embrace her. Her rare cuddle times last less than 5 minutes but last night we were "together" for an entire movie.
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That is wonderful a special moment for the both of you
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Awwww thats so sweet
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Awww I totally am in the same boat. Its so nice when they want to be loved, rather than just put up with it.
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awwwwwwwwww moments like that are so special
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How lovely!
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WOW! That IS neat! I'm tingling.
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That's sweet. Don't you just love those moments?
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That sounds awesome I'm still waiting for a moment like that.
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What a sweet girl!
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