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Cat wall

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I decided to give the girls some more vertical space and a little bit of a challenge so I made a wall for them (hard to do in a 750 sq foot house)

They are still getting used to it, but it helps when I put treats on all the steps.

Sorry the pics are so small, I am still trying to figure out my computer
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That is awesome I need to do something like that thanks for the great idea
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That is a great idea
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It ended up costing around $50 which is cheaper than most cat trees.
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That's really cool. I couldn't see my kitties using it though, they are ground dwellers
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That is so awesome. I've been looking into doing that for my baby, but I'm not sure as to what materials to use. That's a great idea though!
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Very, very cool!! I bet we'd all like to do that for our cats.

The pics look perfect too.
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That is really clever! How did you mount the pieces on the wall so the cats don't knock them off?
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