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Wisdom Teeth?

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So my son is having all four impacted wisdon teeth removed tomorrow. He's' 17. Now, when I had mine removed at about 19, I just went to work that night, but last year when my daughter had hers removed, she was in bed for like a week! I'm only supposedly taking tomorrow off work, but now I'm wondering if I should take more than that one day off? Anyone had any recent wisdom teeth experiences to share?
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I really need to get mine out... DH had his taken out a couple years ago, and while he was sore for a few days he didn't need me to take care of him. Your son should be fine without you, might feel a little cruddy, but you have to keep going when you feel that way. If you mean school wise, I'd make him take a lunch.

Just stock up on easy to eat soft foods and soups.
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I had one impacted wisdom tooth removed, I was 44. I got a dry socket despite all the precautions, so it took me a couple of weeks to heal. I had to go to the doctor every morning and have it checked out. Once the dry socket was healing, I was fine.

I guess, like you said, the healing can be fast or slow. All four impacted teeth removed at once is pretty major. I hope your son has a rapid recovery!
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The doctor had to cut my daughter's teeth into little parts to get them out, and she was reallly really swollen. I think my son's teeth are actually growing in sideways!
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I can't speak for myself, as apparently I have no wisdom teeth (never had any to start with).

DD had hers surgically removed several years ago--she would have been about 16. She came thru it really well and was only 'laid up' for a day; I think I was more concerned with pain and dry socket than she was. I imagine it all depends on the patient

Best of luck to your son.
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I think it probably depends on the person. I had mine out a year or two ago (but all they had to do was just pluck them out) and I was fine. One bled a bit but it didnt hurt at all after the shots wore off.
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I'd have to agree it depends entirely on the individual. I never had a problem when I got mine out in my twenties - just another extraction. Our daughter had hers out when she was about 18 and she had no issues other than a day or so of soreness.
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I need to have mine removed. Have needed that for years... while they are in the right position and fully erupted and in good shape, they cause me to bite my cheeks a lot. the upper right is crooked and pushes into my cheek causing discomfort. I'm just chicken!!!
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I "think" you should be alright with one day off, maybe 2.

As other's have said, it all depends on the person (pain tolerance, resistance to infection, etc.) as well as how bad the teeth are impacted. It sounds like your daughter's were quite bad

I had limited $ and no insurance for a while when I had mine pulled. I had 2 done at a time, the first time was the bottom 2 at 19 and the top a couple years later. Mine were growing in on an angle, pushing up the molars in front of them. I have a huge fear of dentists and put it off, dealt with the pain untill I couldn't anymore (not the smartest move)

But I was fine with the removal...(only 1 was impacted) I had tylenol 3's which I only needed for a couple days, minor swelling and no bruises.

Is your job flexible enough that you could wait and see how he's doing tomorrow after the freezing wear's off, then if nessecary, take Tues. off?

How is your son's pain tolerance? Odds are he'll be fine while you work, he may be in pain but really there's nothing you can do for him in that aspect aside from filling the prescription, he may be sucky like most men are when sick/sore/etc (least most men I know turn into sucks when sick) but you could always call him from work to see how he's doing

I hope he recovers well from it, and everything goes smoothly.
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I had mine removed when I was 18, just after high school. It was HORRIBLE. My face/mouth was swollen, I was in terrible pain but the meds the surgeon gave me made me throw up on top of my already sore mouth, I couldn't stand up and walk for more than a few minutes before I would start to swell more and be in excruciating pain. My mom was out of town suddenly, and my dad was pretty much useless, so I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house. I couldn't eat b/c it hurt too much to chew. The only thing I really could eat was baby food, but it took my boyfriend forever to bring some to me so I just starved. It took me at least a week to recover, I think more. I can't really remember.

I don't think mine were impacted, but I was growing cysts behind each of my wisdom teeth so they wanted them out. My bottom two had come through the surface of my gums already, but the top two hadn't. The top two they just cut a little hole in the side of my gum and pulled them out, no big deal, but the bottom ones they struggled with and those were the ones that gave me troubles.

I knew a girl in highschool that had them out and they didn't close a blood vessel well enough and she sneezed once and it popped open and she almost bled to death. Her mouth swelled up worse than anyone I'd ever seen b/c she had to have a ton of stitches after that, and her whole face bruised up. Not trying to scare you, but just pointing out that not all wisdom tooth extractions are a piece of cake.

My son has had about 4 teeth extracted, and he's perfectly fine.
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Originally Posted by kara_leigh View Post
I had mine removed when I was 18, just after high school. It was HORRIBLE. My face/mouth was swollen, I was in terrible pain but the meds the surgeon gave me made me throw up on top of my already sore mouth
What were you given? I can't take percocet because it does this to me and that seems to be a very common side effect for many people.

One of the reasons I've put off getting mine pulled for so long is because I'm now left with nothing but acetaminophen for pain control. I'm drug tolerant/poor metabolizer for everything so stronger pain control does not work. When I came out of anesthesia from surgery I felt pain on morphine, locals even fail to fully numb nerves.
My teeth are out, but impacted. Luckily they cause me practically no pain or at least I don't notice any unless I bite my cheeks.
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I had my wisdom teeth out about a year and a half ago. I had 3 impacted. My experience was bad. Mine bled for a day after. I booked a week off work and was in terrible pain and was swollen and bruised. When it came time to go back to work, I went and had to leave before my shift even started. I had to go back to the dentist because I had dry socket and he packed my gums with gauze and put some really gross stuff on them. I don't remember what it was but it made my breath smell horrible for a couple days and it tasted really bad. The gauze ended up getting stuck in my gums on the one side and I didn't realize it because the others had fallen out and I thought it had too. I ended up with a huge hole in my gums at the back and for about 6 months everytime I ate I had food get stuck in there.

I'm so glad that is only something you have to do once.
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I had mine out last year, when I was 34, 1 was impacted. All in all it was way less trauma than I expected, I had them out on a friday and was back to hard physical labor on monday, I took one pain pill after the removal, but I had some bad dreams that night which I attributed tot he pain pill. A few advil the next day and that was it. The whole thing was thankfully anticlimactic.

When I told the dentist I had no insurance he dropped the price from $1100 to $450, Wooo WOOOO!!!!!
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I've been really lucky because i've never had any problems with my wisdom teeth.
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A girl at work had 2 of her wisdom teeth extracted within the last month. She had one done and was back to work the next day, and the next week she had the other one done. Again, back to work the next day. Both were under the gum line. She said that Tylenol 3 helped with what little pain she had.

I had 2 of mine done in 1998: the top ones. One was pulled one week and the other the next. I returned to work the day after and didn't have any pain. It just felt like my jaw was stiff like I had held my mouth open for too long. The openings were not stitched up and left to "pouch over", meaning to fill in on their own.

If he's having all 4 removed at once, he will probably have pain for a couple of days. At 17, he should be ok to be on his own the next day, or the day after.
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
I can't speak for myself, as apparently I have no wisdom teeth (never had any to start with).
same here - my parents don't have them, & neither do my sister or i. my brothers all had them [adopted] but none of them were out more than a day or so.
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I had all 4 of mine cut out when I was 15. It took me several days before I felt any kind of relief and a few weeks to be back 100%. Fortunuately though I did have a good surgeon, so the actual surgery itself wasn't too bad...it was just healing afterwards that was a bit sore and uncomfortable.
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I am waiting for an appointment with an oral surgeon, for my 18 year old daughter. Hers are extremely large (twice the size) and growing under her other molars. If they aren't removed they will push out her other molars. I am not looking forward to it. but I want it done before it harms her other teeth, and before she is off our dental coverage.
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I just got mine out a few days before Christmas. Three of them were all the way in, and only one was slightly impacted. They had to saw the impacted one into pieces to get it out. I did well during the actual procedure, but I didn't eat breakfast beforehand, so while the dentist's assistant was giving me care tips afterward, I became very pale and almost passed out. They had to tilt me backwards and give me oxygen. I had a juicebox and then they let me go home once my color came back.

Be sure your son eats breakfast!!!
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I had mine taken out two at a time. Right side, then left side. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had heard it would be. I was swollen for about a day, and that was it. What I thought was funny, was that my dentist gave me pain killers stronger than those I was prescribed for menstrual cramps... and I didn't really need to take them. I had mine out when I was 18, so like 7 years ago. Adults are supposed to have 32 teeth, but I've got 24 because there wasn't enough room in my mouth for them all.
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I had all 4 of mine taken out when I was 19. You're sore and swelled up like a chipmunk for a couple of days, and you might need some of the pain medicine at first when the numbness wears off, but after that it seems to heal up rather quickly - especially when you're still a teenager.

My mom got one of hers removed a couple of days ago and she was out of it for like 4-5 days, so I guess it's true what they say, it really is worse when you're older!

Bright side - you get to eat lots of ice cream
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It definitely depends on the individual and how the specific teeth are growing, and how hard they are to get out.

I felt horrible for days, had major swelling, and 3 days after surgery was close to passing out because I couldn't eat anything except jello which isn't actually nutritious. I had bruising that went up to my eye socket! But then, I don't have much luck with any sort of surgery

I took pics throught the healing process - http://photos.andrew.net.au/wisdom
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Yes, my daughter was bruised, couldn't eat for 5 days, and took quite some time to heal. We had to refill the vicodin at least once. Now...I hear girls are a lot tougher than boys regarding pain, so OH BOY, here we go!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I took pics throught the healing process - http://photos.andrew.net.au/wisdom
Oh my goodness. Had I seen these photos prior to having mine pulled, I'd have been very nervous!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Now...I hear girls are a lot tougher than boys regarding pain, so OH BOY, here we go!
I think that depends on the person, too, and maybe how used to pain they are. Genetics play a part as well - such as having red hair.

If he has problems eating too, and anyone else reading that gets their teeth out, there are liquid meal replacement drinks. Ensure has several flavors, there's Boost, Breeze (which I really can't stand ) , and many other brands.
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I wish there was a happy ending for this When i had my four somewhat impacted wisdom teeth out at age 19 (about 8 yrs ago) it was awful!!! my boss expected me back at work in two days, but it was more like 4.

It is very hard to follow the rules cause your in pain, but make him do it anyways. Eat something after surgery so you dont puke (trust me!) and dont lay flat down. He'll be ok to be left alone after the first day probably, even if hes still down. Good luck!

ps, all i could eat was baby food for 3 days, so stock up just in case!
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one day should be fine to take off. Since you won't be there to entire time to remind him of what he needs to do please make sure he knows how important it is to follow the aftercare directions, there aren't any shortcuts. for a smooth surgery and fast healing
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
The doctor had to cut my daughter's teeth into little parts to get them out, and she was reallly really swollen. I think my son's teeth are actually growing in sideways!
When I had mine out years ago, I had the same problem, and not only that, but the roots of 2 of them were wrapped around my jaw bone, and they had to chip out part of my jaw to get them out. My entire face was bruised for a long time, and it took 2 months to be able to open my mouth wide enough to eat a burger. The dentist asked me later if it felt like someone was pounding my face with a hammer. It did.

You daughters and my problem are probably on the rare side. I'm a redhead and have a high tolerance to both pain and pain meds. I toughed it out and was back to work in 2 days.
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How is your son doing today?

for a quick recovery
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I got mine out in 2005, I think all four. It took them like 2 and a half hours to remove all four. I didn't feel so good for about a week, too and the meds they gave me made me really sick so I had to stop taking them. If your son gets the same thing, if he gets sick don't make him take them just have him take ibuprofen or something. I hope he feels better soon! they are no fun at all!
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