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having problems introducing girl cat to 2 boy cats

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I recently found an abandoned cat that I have decided to take in. Initially, I just wanted to keep her till I found her owner or find her a new home. My roommate however wants to keep her if we don't find her owner. We are on our 3rd day.

We don't know how old she is but she looks about 6months old. She has beautiful markings, she looks to be mixed w/ tabby and calico. We are going to wait a week before we take her to the vet.

I have 2 other boys, both are going to turn 2 years old this year. They have stayed w/ 2 other older male cats before & got along well. This is the first time they are seeing a female kitten.

My boy cats aren't aggressive but she is. What can I do to help so stops being so scared and hissing/growling at them? They are kept separate for now and we exchange rooms so they get used to each other smell. We have done 2 supervised 'introduction' but she is extremely angry towards them.

If in a week they don't get along, I might have to find her a new home. :-(
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There are a lot of suggestions around here, such as the slow introduction that you've been doing. Females are generally more territorial than males, so they can be a little more difficult to introduce, but you never know.

Is she spayed? You probably don't know, I guess. That can make a big difference, and that is something you should do right away, at her age.
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You have described my situation exactly. I brought in a feral female last October, and she was terrified of every movement, every person (except me, who fed her), EVERYTHING.

At the same time, she was EXTREMELY aggressive toward my two neutered male cats, 8 and 4 years. She would chase the younger (and wimpier) one constantly - even took a piece out of him. The 8 year old cat began spraying - he had a UTI, but he had never sprayed in his entire life - inside.

I had the young cat spayed, and bought 2 Feliway diffusers. I swear my male cat began spraying the day I plugged them in. (Needless to say, I've unplugged them.) My younger cat began staying outside more, or immediately coming in and going onto my son's top bunk to stay out of the girl's way. I was sure this was never going to work out; but I had nowhere to take her. She was bones when I brought her in.

Fast forward to now. They all eat together. The 8 year old had several medications for his UTI - and I think we kicked that. Spraying has all but stopped. He tolerates her but doesn't really like her. The 4 year old no longer hides from her. The biggest change has been in her. She calmed down considerably, and began to do cat things, like play. She will allow my daughter to pick her up for a minute, and my husband can pet her. She no longer runs from every sound or footstep and no longer hides under a bed all day. She still chases the younger cat occasionally, but I really think she's wanting to "belong" to their clique. They're not having it, of course; she sealed her fate with them when she came in like Attila the Hun.

My point is, it very possibly may work out for you, if you give it some time. I would never have believed things would calm down here.
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mrblanche, she is not spayed (well no scar or incision around her abdomen).

Thanks for sharing the story, threecatowner. I always wanted a 3rd cat but I'm a student at the moment and its not a financial feasible option. I live w/ a roommate and he is a student as well so he is willing to make her 'his' pet. But ideally it would be easier to find her a good home where she can roam free w/out being so scared of other cats.

We have been keeping her in my roommate's room and this morning at 7am I woke up to her cute little mews. My roomie was in the shower so I went to give her some food and she ran out of the room and started to explore the place like crazy. My older one stayed out of her way but my little one followed behind her (he is extremely curious of her and loves being around other cats). Anyway, she was in the mood to fight -- literally she was seeking out to fight them. I 'let' it happen because both my cats just laid down and 'rolled on their back' to show that they are not going to fight but she would still hiss/try to throw punches. But I was close by incase a big fight did break out. She did let them almost sniff her but not fully and she is still quite feisty.

Bad news is, that she might have some sort of infection. Earlier this evening I noticed some white stuff inside her left eye. I don't know what it is but it looks like we are going to be taking her to the vet. So there will be no ore introductions till after Wednesday to make sure whatever she hasn't isn't contagious.
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