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I'd like to share some resources that proved extremely helpful to me when one of my cats became seriously ill and was diagnosed with FIV. For those who don't' know, that's the feline immunodeficiency virus. My local vet also referred to it as Feline AIDS.

At the time Bentley was diagnosed, his immune system had essentially crashed, and the veterinarian my family has used for more than a decade told us there were NO options and urged us to put Bentley to sleep. That didn't sit well with me, and I scrambled to find other options.

During one of my initial internet searches, I found a book and a web site on FIV. The book is called "Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner's Guide" and I found it extremely easy to follow. It talked about the author's experiences in caring for his own cat and offer up a variety of comprehensive natural treatment strategies. I put these holistic battle-plans to work for Bentley, and he's still with me to this day, and doing quite well.

Based on the good results I saw with Bentley, and the fact that I'm sure other pet owners are being pressured to put their cherished cats to sleep prematurely, I simply had to share this information here.

"Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner's Guide" is available through and These should be considered a 'must read' for anyone who has a cat with FIV.