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Gizmo showing dominance?

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Well, Gizmo will be 5 months old on June 15th! He certainly has grown. And, last Sunday, we went to Disneyland/California Adventure and came home on today. Gee, does he look extremley big! I have noticed his shoulders are filling out, and he is almost full body length of Tigger! Well here is my question: Gizmo will chase poor Tigger around and grab onto her, bitting down. She sometimes cries, but for the most part she just stands still, and he just clamps down on her fur. I have been told this is a dominant thing, since he is male. Will he always be like this or when I get him neutered will he chill out? He sure has "ants in his pants" every day, every hour of the day! :tounge2: He is so wild!
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Tigger, If he is clamping on her neck...it is time to get him neutered. He is trying to figure out how to mate her.
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Oh, Sandie: Thank you for telling me! I had no idea..... is it okay for him to get neutered now? I spoke to my vet, and they like to wait until 6 months old...... Anyways, thanks for the info. I will call my vet tomorrow and see what they say. All I have to say is atleast she is spayed!
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I am sure you have read all the debates on when it's okay to alter. Yes, 6 months seems to be the standard. However I do not think that we can put a definate age on something like this. While I think it is insane to spay and neuter at 8weeks to 16 weeks unless a medical emergency I really do think 5 months is PLENTY old enough. Especially for a male. I had a male neutered just over 4 months because he figured out he was a boy a little early. I have not noticed anything different about him. He was actually up and running around 3 hours after the surgery. If he is showing the signs of maturity now, it is best to get it taken care of. I cant imagine his bud is going to want him humping her all the time...hehe.
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the man at the shelter where we adopted our cat, to bring in her kittens when they were about 4 pounds to be fixed. he made no reference to age, just weight. how old will that be?
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just for the record, that post I just did should say "he told us to bring them in". I figure you could get that for yourself, but I thought i'd just make it clear. gosh, kittens are distracting!
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