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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and mild here today, a little below freezing right now but is suppose to warm up a bit more this afternoon.

Not a whole lot planned for today. Have a few things to do around the house this morning, then may go for a bit of a walk this afternoon. Between the cold temps last week and my knees acting up I haven't been doing much walking and I miss it.

May stop by the video store later and grab a movie for tonight.

The kitties are tearing around the house like little banshee's today. Guess they have a touch of spring fever.

Everyone have a good day
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My agenda: nothing at all.

If I feel ambitious, I might make a big pot of soup later. If I'm not ambitious, I'll ask DH to make one.

Sometimes you just have to plan for nothing.
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Good morning everyone.

Today I'm finishing up a take-home midterm that's due on Tuesday and studying for another midterm I'm taking tomorrow evening. Should be fun...

Maybe tonight I'll have time to go to the gym. Hope so! This weekend was spent thrift shopping and lazing about with my SO.
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First time out of the house since the ice storm and I did grocery shopping this morning.

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I'm going to go to the shelter in a bit and later tonight I am going to watch the Grammy awards.
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- oil change for car
- cleaning
- watching a movie
- trying to clean my cats' teeth, finishing trimming their claws, brushing, etc. fun day for them!
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Well I got up and had my coffee and was reading the newspaper and the ad flyers and made a spot decision to go to Best Buy and try my luck on getting a Wii Fit. This was the first time I've been out of the house since Tuesday!!

So after taking a shower and dressing I started to (and still ) feel light headed/dizzy.GRRRRR...........

But I left anyhow. Well why doesn't anyone tell me that the store opens at 10 am??? I was there as 8:10! Saw a few vehicles in the parking lot though with people inside so I went to the door which said they are handing out Wii and Wii Fit tickets at 9 am!

Went to get gas and a newspaper to occupy my time whe at 8:25 people are forming a line-YEEK!! So I joing the line-its about 30F outside and I wasn't planning for this and didn't have a winter coat on only my fall one. But I got the golden ticket (#5) and go my Wii Fit!!

Also did a spot of grocery shopping and stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought a book.

So I'm working on some laundry, need to vaccuum the family room. I ate but dizziness still persists. Will try the Wii Fit anyway.

So that's my day!
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Hi All!

On Sunday's I usually stay in my pjs, do laundry and clean the condo. Though I might venture out to Target today. I need some sealable storage containers for Poppy's food and they're on sale. Tidy Cats on sale too! Also on sale is a 5 shelf bookcase. It's only $26. I want to check it out and see how sturdy it is.

It's warming up here too, but I feel colder.
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I've been working 6days a week so I slept in, woo!
I made it to the carwash and got some of the salt off of my car, I'll be making some granola bars later and maybe a soup out of the remains of a roast chicken. Other than that cleaning, and puttering around the house. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!
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Went to Church this morning, then we went out for lunch and then o the grocery store for snacks and drinks for the party I'm going to late this afternoon, and some stuff I forgot to get at the grocery on Tuesday. In about an hour and a half it's off to the party.
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Just been relaxing today. I've been going nonstop at work for the past week, so I just need to relax. Watching shows that I missed during the week and some cleaning. Also did my tax return online.

Going out to dinner to Outback with the fiance this afternoon, since we couldn't go out on Friday for his birthday. We were going to go last night, but it was over an hour wait and we def. didn't want to wait that long. We'll do that call ahead seating tonight. I think we might watch No Country for Old Men later too.
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I worked today. Now I'm cooking a roast for dinner. Just vegging out and moving files from my computer to my new external hard drive in order to make room.
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Josh and I are sick

We did go to church this morning, then to a bridal show. After that we took a nap for a couple of hours and then he went home to finish cleaning his room while I did some laundry...and just about to do the dishes...bleh.
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