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More Kitten Pics

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He is FeLV/FIV negative Thank goodness. He has a few more days of antibiotics then he gets his vaccines. Vet says he looks to be about 8 weeks old. His eyes are still bluish, too.

He got to come out of the bathroom for a bit tonight. Poor little guy hates being stuck in there.

Will work on more integration on Monday and Tuesday - my days off.

He pees in the sink and bathtub drains. Odd? He also is doing very well with the litter box.

He still doesn't have a name

Silly pic:

Playing with Da Bird for a bit:

More Da Bird:

Visiting with Daphne:

Daphne not so excited about the visit:

Another silly pic:
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Oh my God!!!! He is soooooooooo cute!!!! You are keeping him, aren't you?
Awww.... look at his fluffy belly!!!

He is the cuttest thing ever! I am in love!
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awww he is gorgeous, lovely and fluffy
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He is very cute - good news re the results.
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OMG !!!!!! That baby is just too cute!!!
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Oh, man! I think what I said in my last comment was: I want him I want him I want him!!!! He is ADORABLE!!!! Beautiful coat! Doesn't looked striped so I am wondering if he is the orange equivalent of a brown "ticked" tabby?

So glad he got the all-clear from the vet!
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Oh my gosh!!! he is too cute!!
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Great news I LOVE the tongue pic, Has Seb seen him? What does he think?
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Very adorable. In that second picture with him and Daphne, it looks like Daphne is saying, "Do. Not. Want!"

How's Sebastian, and I would love to see pics of him. He is another of my favs on this site.
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Cute little fuzzy guy! His tongue...hehehe!
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Oh good grief look at that little muffin

You watch, i bet Daphne ends up like Rosie and treats him like her baby
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OH YEAH, you got a new little pooper! Where did he come from? I have been so busy here that I am missing way too much.

Do you have an introduction thread?

Love the ones with him and Daphne, they will be buddies soon!

He is just darling! Looks like he is going to grow up into a big boy.

all around for your crew.
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O - M -

Peeing in the sink/bathtub drains I've had kittens do before. They often outgrow it - so not sure what to tell you on that. I put litterpans in the sink/bathtub so it didn't develop into a habit.
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OMG... too cute!
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love those orange kitties, great pictures!
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Yea he is cute he looks similar to the cat here
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