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Introducing new cats to each other

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We got Wendel in November of 2008 from the humane society with the intention of getting two cats off the bat. That didn't work out at the time but we decided it was time for another one and picked up Winston on Feb 5. They're both the same age (7 months) and Wendel has been neutered while Winston hasn't yet (but soon!).

They've shown a lot of interest under the door and in a few face to face contacts. Wendel is a touch more interested in Winston than vice versa but Winston is still getting used to the house.

Anyway, I let them get together after a few hours (which I shouldn't have but they seeemed cool) and Wendel jumped on Winston and held him down while biting his neck. There was no hissing (hasn't been even once) and no posturing or raised fur or anything aggressive. Wendel is just obsessed with getting at him. I've separated them and they still play under the door. I'm just wondering if I'm doing things correctly here or if anyone has any helpful hints?

I have been alternating them in different rooms and one in the carrier while the other is out so they can see and smell but not fight. Wendel still seems to want to get at Winston. I think he just wants to play fight, he's an aggressive hunter with toys, etc. He isn't hissing or giving stare downs, etc, so I'm not sure if this is an 'aggressive situation'. Winston seems to care less about Wendel so I do'nt want him to feel threatened by this fighting.
Any suggestions I can't find anything online that doesn't involve one or both cats hissing and being in attack mode?

Sorry for the long post but I want my two boys to get along.
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Sounds like rough play to me.
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I agree - as long as there is no fur flying or hissing your kitties are just involving in rough play - some kitties feel the need to be cat wranglers
I would just monitor the play dates and if you feel that things are getting too rough or if one kitty seems to be overwhelmed - just distract them.

Mia, Cleo, and Oliver
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