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First Murder than a mystery

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I found this interesting.

Brief summary...
On Jan 6 1959 a doctor blugened his wife to death, tried to kill his daughter and then killed himself. Now th mystery part, authorities discovered th scene did their job and locked the house up. A year later it was sold in probate court, the new owners never moved in. They then passed away and left it to their son, who also never moved in. During all this time no one ever went and removed the belongings. Everything from that night is still left exactly how it was the night of the murders even a Christmas tree and presants.

The full story below,5292279.story
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How weird!

Why buy a house and never live in it. Unless of course the initial buyers knew the family and wanted to keep it as a shrine for some strange reason.
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So weird
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That is so freaky and very sad
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That is interesting. It's a shame the house is vacant, though I can't say I'd want to live there myself.
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Wow, that house looks gorgeous! I don't understand why it's vacant after all these years in such a desirable location.
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That is really bizarre! I agree with Wendy - it is a gorgeous house, why let it go to waste? How sad.
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It's a shame all the way around.

DH and I were talking about it last night and based off of collectable vale of vintage items, if everything in the house is still in mint condition the value would be huge. Think about the historical things that a place like the Smithsonian would love to have. I understand not wanting to live there but to let all that stuff just rot, I just don't get. Its not very often mint to near mint things are found in usable condition.

Not to mention the kids that survived, I think some of the items that belonged to their mother, family photos and things like that would mean something to them, even if they don't remeber her, or their father for that matter.
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