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I think my cat is coming on to my dog

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I've got a stray cat I took in about 4 or 5 months ago that I've named Bella. I'm not sure how old she is but she'd definitely not even a year old yet. I haven't been able to get her spayed yet, and a couple days ago she started moaning constantly. I've also got a 6 year old black lab dog named Bobby who is fixed.

Now apart from the initial getting used to each other and somewhat wary phase for a couple of days they get along great. But since Bella started in on this moaning which I assume means she's gone into heat I've come to think she is actually coming on to my dog. She's constantly rubbing all over him and today she's started stopping in front of him and doing what I can only call presenting herself to him. Now Bobby isn't doing anything back, in fact he looks really confused about it most of the time, which is good cause when I was looking online I came across stories of dogs actually mounting cats. I plan on having her spayed in the next couple of weeks. But is there anything I can do to discourage this behavior and keep it from escalating until then? When I catch her doing it I chase her off, but I can't watch them every second of the day. Any suggestions?
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the presenting is done regardless of who/what is there. but your dog is probably interested because of her smell - she smells different now.
my female cats were always sniffing Java, who went into heat unexpectedly before i could get her spayed [she'd had some health issues that required delaying it]. she also would lie on the floor in a strange position - see?

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I have a 10 month old cat who hasn't been spayed yet (Recovering from an illness), who rubs up against my dogs as well. Its normal. She does it to the altered cats, but they just ignore her.

I lost a dog in January (To heart failure), he used to love to mount the cats!
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There's not a lot you can do except keep them separated and have her spayed ASAP
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You cannot discourage her. She is operating purely from instinct. She has no idea why she feels the way she does - she just knows to do it.

Really the only way is to get her spayed.

My little girl went into heat at 4.5 months. Very unexpected.
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Hmm, I'm glad mine are fixed!

Ive had dogs in heat, and boy is it annoying. Cats are probably not any easier.
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