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How can I convince him?

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Yes, I'm going to need to convince Dh that we need another cat.

Just look at her:

I wish that shelter would put up more of a description, but I did just email them asking about her. I want her!

LOL, but I have no idea how to convince DH to let us get her. He's made a comment here and there on how we should get Ricky Bobby a playmate, but he is very, very, EXTREMELY hesitant about another cat. Oh, I really do hope he'll say yes. The chances are very slim though If a pet weren't a "family decision" I'd run out this moment and get her. lol But I've gotta take my dear hubby into consideration after all.

Why do I do this to myself? I knew I shouldn't have visited petfinder, I was just so curious to see the pretty kitties up for adoption....
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she's very pretty - kinda resembles a combo of Cable & Firefox!
good luck convincing DH!
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Tears tears and more tears--and in my case beer helped him say yes.

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She is a beautiful little girl. I think Ricky Bobby needs a playmate. If you have the financial ability to provide for another kitty I see why not. Go visit her and take him with you. She'll adopt him!!!
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she is beautuful Good luck convincing your Hubby
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Beer and or Buffalo wings do it for my hubby lol
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Go get her!!
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