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What was I thinking? She could've died

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So I have to share this story from the other night. It made me think twice about the things I leave out.
The other day I was doing my usual thing to get ready to go back to work. Wash face, brush teeth, makeup and run the straighter thru my bangs. Typically I leave the straighter plugged in and on top of my vanity because it's too hot to put away before I leave the house. Well the other night I had totally forgotten about it. Skye was being her usual self and was batting at the cord that had been left dangling. It must have gotten caught around her paw or something but the next thing my SO and I heard was the straitner hitting the floor and her freaking out. When it fell it caused the cord to wrap around Skye's neck. My SO was closest to her so he went down to the ground to get it untangled, but because she was in hysteric mode he got confused and made it wrap tighter. He was getting mangled by her claws. I got a hold of her and she calmed down when I had her enough that we could get it unwrapped from her neck. TCSers she stopped breathing. I thought I was going to loose her. I scooped her up and started to run for the door, the animal hospital is less than a mile away. But before I could get up she let out this huge meow and buried her face in my armpit gasping for air. I just laied her down next to me and cried. She wanted to just be held by me. The poor baby even wet herself in all the commotion.
It's a hard lesson to learn but I have since gone thru the apartment and zip tied up every loose wire and am now more aware of my actions and thing I leave around.
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OMG! I would have been beside myself!!

I'm so glad your kitty is ok!! Give her some chin scritches for me, Chynna and Abby!
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Bless your heart, how scary for all of you Thank God she's ok
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I'm afraid that if I had been in your situation, I might have wet MYself! (I know, TMI!)

What a scary experience. Glad it turned out OK.
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One down, eight to go.
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Holy crap, what a close call! I'm so very glad you guys are all right! Tight hugs to all of you.
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omg!! thank god your kitty is ok though
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Uh ya it was not a pleasant experience. But you know lesson learned and I'm sure she won't be going near my cords anymore.
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wow!!I bet that was pretty scary!I am glad your kitty is ok
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