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I think I confused him with food

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When I adopted Poppy the animal hospital gave me a baggie of the dry food they had been feeding him, Purina Pro Plan Select. Well, I had been reading up on cat food and I wanted to feed Poppy the healthiest low carb dry food I could find, EVO. So I bought him some and started mixing it with the other food. Holy diarrhea!!!

I called the vet yesterday because I saw a tiny bit of blood in his diarrhea. They told me I shouldn't change his food until he's at least 6 months old, so his digestive system is stronger and can handle it better. So then I went to buy the Purina dry food but couldn't find the Select. I found Purina Pro Plan, thought it was it and when I brought it home and opened it, it looked different. I gave it to him anyways. I'm not sure if he ate any from yesterday evening until this morning. So then I decided to look online and sure enough there was Purina Pro Plan Select. So I ran out and bought it and replaced it with the other Purina food so he would now have the original food he had been on a week ago.

Well, I don't think he's eating now. He paws at the floor around the food dish and the backs away. Have I totally confused him? What do I do now?
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many cats have problems when you change their food [i have one like that]. a slow change seems to work better.
does Poppy eat wet at all?
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I put out some wet but he turned up his nose at it.
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Originally Posted by Poppy0109 View Post
I put out some wet but he turned up his nose at it.
what kind was it?
btw - he's a real cutie - i love blue cats!
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How quickly was poppy's food change to the evo done? I switched 3 cats from Purina dry food to Evo but I did it really slow because they initially had some issues with the evo upsetting their tummies. It took me about 3 weeks to get them fully changed over and there were no more tummy issues. I am not a vet but I am suprised that the vet told you to wait until poppy is 6 months old to do the food change. Starbuck was a baby still when I switched her food at around 3 months. My cats also eat wet food though. Hopefully Poppy will adjust. Did you look into getting the pro-plan selects food online?
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The wet food is Purina Pro Plan Select also, chicken and rice.

I adopted Poppy last Friday (1/30) and I immediately started mixing in the Evo with the Purina...about half and half. He was eating it just fine...but every time he pooped it was looser and looser. Is half and half too fast?

I went to Petco where I didn't find the Select. I then went to Petsmart and found it there. I don't like Petco...I don't know why I went there in the first place. I always shop at Petsmart but now I'll have to go to Pet Supplies Plus too because they are the only ones that have Evo.

Poppy did finally eat a little while ago...the Select dry.
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many people refer to Fancy Feast as 'kitty crack' because it's so universally loved by cats [altho not my Pixel - i've yet to find a wet she'll deign to eat ]. some cats just don't seem interested in wet food - 2 of mine are like that.
anyway, if you really want him to eat some wet, you could try some other brands.
oh, & 1/2 & 1/2 probably was too fast - maybe start w/a 75/25 mix for a week, then 50/50, then 25/75, etc. might work better for him
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For now I would just let poppy eat the food he used to to give his body a chance to re-set itself. I would wait a couple weeks before trying another dry food change again. If you decided to try again with the Evo start off a little slower. The half and half mixture might have been overwhelming to Poppy's tummy. Start off with just the Purina dry and gradually mix in tiny amounts of the Evo over time. I had puking issues with my cats intially with the Evo so I had to go really slow. My cats now love their Evo and do not have anymore tummy issues. I think the reason my cats had tummy issues was because I initially added to much of the new food.

As far as the wet food sometimes it is hit or miss to find something that your kitty will like. My cats were eating Pro-plan wet and suddenly stopped liking it. I switched to Safeway wet which is Dominck's brand and they all love it.

Good luck to you with the food issues and just keep being patient. You will get this sorted out it just may take a while. I am glad he is eating again.
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Thank you laureen227 and catlover73.
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