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Another WEEKEND is here, whatcha up to?

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Anything exciting planned????
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Well its sunny and like 37F outside!!
But I still am dizzy and light-headed so I'm still not in the mood to do anything.
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It's supposed to be warm and windy today. A ride in the T bucket would be good. Maybe a meal at a Mexican restaurant that was recommended. I need to get the last coat of polyurethane on the necks for the guitar kit I'm assembling and writing instructions for.
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Well, watching the ice melt and the driveway appear is exciting to me!
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Bridal show tomorrow
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Car shopping.
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Morning All!!!

It is above freezing 1C here today.
we're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave
Even better it's suppose to go up to 7C tomorrow.
As you can see I am pretty happy about that, I think I have had enough of winter .

Feeling really good today, actually slept in until almost 10 which was great because I hadn't been sleeping much all week.
Both my shoulders seem a bit better however my right knee decided to act up today. The joys of getting old

Going to spend most of today just puttering at the computer, then heading off to some friends for dinner around 3. Dinner isn't until 7 but I am helping cook the meal, it's a dinner party for about 20. I worked with both of the couple who are hosting it and they just finished renovating their entire kitchen. This is their look at our wonderful new kitchen party and believe me I would love to have a kitchen like it it's fantastic.

If it is 7 tomorrow then I most definitely want to get outside for some walking if my knee cooperates.

The kitties are all great this morning, being lazy right now and are all fast asleep on my bed.
Everyone have a super day
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My daughters 5th bday is Wednesday and we are celebrating it tomorrow And since we are blessed with such lovely weather today, we are having a cook out
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I'm going to my club's BOWL-A-THON today to help raise money for our trip to the SELF-ADVOCACY Convention next month, and tomorrow I'm going to a party..
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Woke up, looked outside - snow.

Later on the sun is out - woop! The snow is gone

Went horseriding, got to the yard - menage covered in snow and ice.

Didn't ride.

Later on going to the cinemas to see Yes Man
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Well, I worked from 7-2 today. And I worked from 7-9 last night. We had inventory yesterday and today. The good thing was, I got 14 hours of overtime, which will make for a nice paycheck next week.

Doing some cleaning, and catching up on my missed TV shows. Then taking the fiance out for a late birthday dinner, since I missed going out with him last night of work.

Have a good day everyone!
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Nope, NOTHING! I slept in a ton today, and I plan to do the same tomorrow. I think I'm just going to spend the entire weekend reading Eclipse which I caved and bought last night.

Yesterday we had to go visit my great aunt who has Leukemia and isn't going to live much longer. She remembered my grandmother (her older sister) and my mother, but didn't remember who I or my sister was. I felt bad b/c none of us knew what to say, so we just sat there in silence. I can just imagine her thinking that these people came up here, just to stare at me and wait for me to die. I feel bad for her husband. His last wife died in 1999 from cancer, and he married my great aunt two years later. Now he has to watch her die also.
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It's 71F here today. The house is wide open. Got the cats wiped out with da Bird this morning. We've taken the dogs for a walk around the lake (and picked up 3 neighbor dogs with us on the walk). Got some meat marinating for shish-ka-bobs for dinner tonight. Laundry is nearly done, dusting and vacuuming complete. DH is going to finish the chores because my hand is sore right now - I overused it folding laundry this morning.

I'm going to be lazy from here on out.
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It is supposed to be in the 50's hear today. Just got home from running errands with the hubby. It is nice to be able to wear a short sleave shirt and not freeze. We are having dinner with my family for my mom's birthday. Her birthday is on the 12th but we are celebrating tonight. Later tonight the hubby and I are going out for karaoke.
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