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Monti will always be missed

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I adopted Monti in June 2005. He was about 10 weeks old. He grew up to be a very loving, playful, talkative and all around awesome cat. Unfortunately, I had to let him go on 12/16/08. He was only 3 1/2 years old.

I would ask him "Who's the baby?" and he would meow. When he would get up on the kitchen counter or the dining room table and I would yell at him "get down", he'd get down but he'd come over to me and meow with attitude back at me. He loved to be brushed. I'd say "Who want's the brushy brush?" and he'd come running and meowing. When I'd be on the computer he'd lay on my lap like a baby...on his back with his head in the cruck of my arm and he'd look up at me all loving and stretch out his front paw to try and touch my face. When it was time for bed, he would lay on my stomach/chest facing me and I would pet him and he would pet me back on my neck and chin with his paw. He loved to be petted, he'd always wanted to sit on my lap.

Now the only things I have of him are memories, photos, some hair that was on his brush and his paw print the hospital gave me. He was suppose to be with me for a long time. He was my sweet baby and I loved him so much. I missed him when I was at work and was so happy when I got home and he was there to greet me. It still hurts and I will miss him forever but now that I have my new kitten Poppy the house isn't so empty and I'm looking forward to raising Poppy and hoping that he stays healthy so I don't have to go through that heartache again.

Last week I received a letter in the mail from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Feline Health Center saying that my vet had made a monetary tribute to them in Monti's memory. I was very touched by that and sent the vet a thank you note.

I wrote the following on 12/20/08:
I feel like there’s a hole in my heart and I can’t stop crying.
Last Friday Monti collapsed and was having a hard time breathing. I took him to the emergency, they looked him over and decided that he had a bad case of nausea and his blood pressure had dropped, so that’s what caused his collapse. He seemed like he recovered from it so I took him home and went to work. I checked on him at lunch and he still seemed fine. When I came home from work, I noticed he hadn’t eaten as much but he still seemed fine.

Saturday morning, he was breathing really hard. His whole body was moving with his breaths. I called the vet and took him in and they took xrays and they were really worried because his whole left lung was full of fluid and part of his right lung had fluid in it too. They took some of the fluid out and there was blood in it so they had me go to the animal hospital. They put him in an oxygen chamber to help him breath then they were going to drain the fluid out of his lungs. They had me go home because they were going to keep him overnight. They called Saturday night and said everything went well, they got most of the fluid out and he was breathing alot better. They said he had Chylothorax and they would have to figure out what is causing the fluid to be in his lungs.

I was calling every 4 hours to see how he was doing and on Sunday they said he was doing well until later in the day when his breathing was getting bad again. At 4:30am Monday they called me and said they had to drain his lungs again. At 5:30am they called back and said everything went well. I went a visited him at lunchtime and he just seemed to be scared that he was there and not at home but he didn’t look sick. They wanted to keep him overnight for observation. Some of the tests had come back and they had ruled out heartworm and they hadn’t seen any masses so they thought he might not have cancer and were worried about his heart but weren’t certain. They said he would need more tests.

On Tuesday they said he was still breathing fine and that I could take him home after work. They were explaining to me how he would need to be drained and how I would have to take him to the vet to get it done and how they were going to put him on medicine that might or might not help. At around 3:00pm they took another xray and noticed the fluid was coming back again and they would drain him again before I took him home but that they were really concerned how the fluid was coming back way too fast. The doctor contacted my vet and they talked about how Monti was sick this past spring/summer. I guess they came to the conclusion that his lung had gotten diseased and on Friday it must have given out. They were so concerned that the next step would be to give him a CAT scan and surgery to remove the diseased lung. He might not survive it, it might not have fixed the problem and it would cost me $10,000 extra.

I had already spent over $3,500 on all of this and there was no way I could afford it. I had to make the hardest decision ever and have Monti put to sleep. My boyfriend and I went and said goodbye to Monti on Tuesday night. They let us visit with him for over an hour in a private room. They were going to put him to sleep on my lap but I just couldn’t handle that so they took him away and that is the last time I was ever going to snuggle with my sweet little baby.

The house is so empty now. The hardest parts are when I come home from work and he’s not here to greet me, when I go to bed he’s not here to snuggle with, when I wake up he’s not in my face on the bed wanted to be petted…actually I think all the parts are bad because he’s just not here anymore.

Monti had the biggest personality. He talked to me, meowing in so many different ways. He loved to be petted and brushed and loved snuggling with me. I miss him so much, it hurts so bad right now but I have decided I will get a new kitten in a few months because I don’t want to be alone and I want a cat. I’m really worried that my next cat won’t be as loving and silly, but my mom assures me that because I’m so loving and silly that my cat will be too.

In loving memory of Monti 06/05 to 12/08:

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RIP, Monti.

Even 15 years with a loving cat is not long enough, and to have it shortened to less than four years is a cruel blow.
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R.I.P Monty, you were a very handsome boy!I am so sorry for your loss....He is ok now though.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your Handsome Little Boy. Rest In Peace Monti.
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I'm so sorry about Monti. He was a such a handsome boy. RIP sweet one.
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he was beautiful, as was your tribute to him - & you did all you could to help him. i'm glad Poppy is filling your house again with love... Monti did a good job finding Poppy for you!
a for Monti, & some for you.
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What a lovely tribute to Monti.

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Sorry for your loss of Monti. May you find strength in this time of sadness. God Bless.
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Condolences on your loss of dear Monti It's been over 5 years since I lost my Miss Tobie, and it still hurts.
Sending prayers and vibes that Poppy grows up healthy & happy & lives to ripe old age
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RIP Monti. I know what you mean about having a big personality. Some cats are just so over the top. I know how painful it is. I'm glad you have a new kitty. That will help alot.
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What a handsome, mishevious little face he has

Play happily at the bridge Monti

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He looks so wise beyond his years! Just recently learned how one of my cats passed away and it's like opening a can of emotions all over again, and that's been 5 years ago that it happened. It is never easy.

Heaven must've needed Monti badly so they had to take him back! He is happy and healthy and I'm sure he thinks of you as often as you do of him. The new kitty won't ever replace Monti's spot in your heart but it will create a little niche of its own
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