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There is already a thread going w/ this discussion in IMO. So I will merge this into that one in that forum.
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Hooray!! The Oreos are saved!!! Thank goodness, I won't have drive to Mexico and smuggle them back. Of course, I could have made good buck, bootlegging them at work.
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Oreos are great, 55 calories a peice. The scourage of dieters!
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thats like that lady that sued McCdonalds because the coffee was too hot. I get a kick out of these stories except truthfully they are not funny. It is sad to see how spoiled people are in this country. And it proves my point that no body wants to take blame for anything anymore.
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Originally posted by ganusya
thats like that lady that sued McCdonalds because the coffee was too hot.
Sadly, the elderly lady who spilled the McDonald's coffee received 3rd degree burns on her genitals and inner thighs and needed to have skin grafts to repair the damage. In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason to make coffee so hot that it causes 3rd degree burns! I think the particular store that sold her the coffee was at least in part at fault! And...I'll bet almost everyone has held a drink between their legs at some point in their lives, so its not like she was doing something outside the realm of normal behavior when she had her cup in her lap.
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Regarding the trans fat issue--that lawyer would also have to go after makers of margarine, chips, peanut butter, and anyone else who puts hydrogenated oils in their products. They are everywhere, and people just need to read labels, and have some self-control.
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BTW, I'm carrying an extra 20 - 25 poounds, so I count myself in the group that needs more self-control! I'm working on it.
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They just settled for 10 million dollars!
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They just announced it on the evening news- McDonalds will pay 10 million dollars for using animal fat to fry their fries.
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What about the fact that they use sugar to coat their fries?
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who gets the 10 million?
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Looks like Hindus and other vegetarian groups do. Here is a link:

McDonald's Fried
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I'll take some of that money!
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But that's a whole 'nother case. They aren't saying that McDonalds made them fat, they said that McDonalds told them that the fries were vegetarian. Especially for Hindus, who see the cow as a sacred animal, unknowingly eating a beef product is heinous. That lawsuit, at least for the Hindus, I can understand their beef (pun totally intended!) with McD's.
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ok, now it's all making sense. I agree, mcdonalds misrepresented their product, they should have to cough up the dough. paying someone because they couldn't exercise any self-control over your product and are now blaming you for their large caboose is quite another story altogether.
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Darned Twinkee defense. I say grow up.

I'm fat, but I eat too much. They need to get a life.
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