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Suing McDonalds

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There is people suing McDonalds,saying they are fat because they eat their food! I think these people need to get a life. If you choose to eat their food live with the fat.Nobody forces them to stop there and eat .And if you want to eat there, there are non fatting foods.They are trying to say they are addicated[sp] to the fast foods!I say they like the fact they don't have to cook!It is cheap and fast.I know if I stop there the food is fatting and I still choose to eat it!
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UGH This topic really fires me up.

Why can't people take responsibility for their actions? How smart do you have to be to know if you eat french fries and hamburgers everyday you're going to gain weight? Unless you're one of those incredibly rare people who can eat whatever you want without suffering any consequences. If you find your weight climbing, PUT DOWN THE HAMBURGER AND STEP AWAY SLOWLY. I've battled my weight my whole life but that isn't mcdonalds fault.
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I think that is totally ridiculous! I have sympathy for those of us with weight problems, but McDonald's is not to blame if they have no self control.
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I agree - if you know that you have a weight problem and dont want to contribute to it, then dont eat there - go and see a nutritionist and learn all about eating the right food. Some people just want to profit from their misery. Ridiculous.
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LMAO Tybalt - thats probably already been thought of!
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...or sue your parents for giving you the "fat genes! LOL

Take responsibility for your own life people.
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Along this vein, I ran across another one, today. A San Francisco (where else?) lawyer is suing to prohibit kids from eating Oreos. His reasoning is that the trans-fatty acids, that make the cream creamy and the cookies crisp, are bad for kids.

If this kind of idiocy keeps up, parents are going to have to hire dieticians and nutritionists, to cook for their kids.

As for the McDonald's suit - it was filed several months ago and I believe that it has already been thrown out, as it should be. When Ronald McDonald forces someone, at gunpoint, to eat Big Macs - THEN they have grounds for a lawsuit.
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LOL yeah, I know I have put on weight but I only have myself to blame - I did eat the wrong foods and all I can do is try and lose the weight I have gained....which I am doing...slowly.

If I eat McD's then its my own fault and at my own risk.
Prohibiting kids from eating Oreos? Thats silly - isnt that what most Americans grew up with? Don't they count as 'Americana'?

Parents do have the choice whether to let their kids eat oreos and I personally find nothing wrong with eating them.
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It's like saying I should sue the Pepsi company,because I chose to drink the regular pepsi instead of non caffine,diet one! Or drive a sports car instead of a SUV , I know a sports car goes faster and there a getting chance of getting killed in one.Yet I chose to drive one.
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Fox, had a show on today,with the attorney,and one of the people who is suing. Stupid women said she had to eat there because it was on her way home and it was to easy to stop there!DUH!!!!!Does she have to have the burger? or super size fries?
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Stupid women said she had to eat there because it was on her way home and it was to easy to stop there
Its just as easy as to not stopping there.
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This women also said "when asked who drove her there" she said my car does!
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There's a sign up in the office of the night club that my hubby DJs at:

First they sued McDonalds for making them fat.
Next we're going to sue Budweiser for all the ugly people we've slept with.

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LOL! That's hysterical!

I agree with Colby. Once you're over 21, you're old enough to take responsibility for yourself. Stop blaming mom, dad OR McDonalds and grow up!
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Originally posted by valanhb
There's a sign up in the office of the night club that my hubby DJs at:

First they sued McDonalds for making them fat.
Next we're going to sue Budweiser for all the ugly people we've slept with.

OMG Heidi! I just about choked on my Triscuit snacks when I read that! You crack me up, girl! Note to self: Don't eat and read Heidi's posts at the same time!
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This is just one more example of idiots in this country who abuse our legal system. I hope the judge laughs her out of court. On the other hand....if she wins, I may just sue my grocery store for selling ME all that fattening food. And just last week Oreos were "buy 1 one, get 1 free". How irresponsible can this grocery store be? I was only going to buy 1 package, but they lured me into the 2nd.
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When I walked into my Qality Markets today they had 12 donuts for $2.99!!and candy bars at the checkout line!! How dare they! Can't they see I need to lose 5 pounds! I'll just have to sue them !I bought not only the candy bar ,but also the donut's!!
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I'd better go after Walgreen's - dark chocolate KitKats 3-for-a-buck! Don't they realize that I'm a chocoholic and must be protected from myself? (Tongue VERY firmly planted in cheek).
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Whats next? Sue the cows for their fat content?
P.S. I wish my car could drive, then I wouldnt have to drive it.
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Oreo? Just say no!
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LOL. I've read that the U.S. has more attorneys than the rest of the world altogether. So maybe it's no wonder that there are all these crazy lawsuits. The U.S. also has more people incarcerated than any other country. Something seems to have gone awry!
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I wonder if We (US) have the highest number of mentally ill as well?
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Ummm.. US meaning United States! LOL
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LOL Teresa!
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We may not have the highest number of crazy people but we have the highest number of people claiming to be crazy and saying it's not their fault -- remember the twinkie defence.

Looks like I'm gonna have to sue the state office cafiteria -- not only do they sell fatening main courses cheap, but they push cookies and sweets -- making me fat and hyper. (yeah right)

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In actuality, the US has WAY more lawyers, than it needs. In order to generate work, for themselves, many of these lawyers create cases.
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Just saw on the news that the Oreo case has been thrown out. YAY!!! Hubby practically lives on them. I can just see him going down to the corner "Psst....you got any Oreos?"
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YA I love them also!
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OH NO! There goes my idea of hopping on the bandwagon to sue the makers of Oreos! I actually used to work for them, and would you believe they gave us FREE snacks EVERY DAY in the cafeteria??? They just picked a snack of the day, opened a bunch of boxes and put them out... you could take as much as you wanted. They'd just get out more if the snack bowl emptied itself. Not to mention the free coffee and tea! And not to mention the FREE COOKIES! That's right! There was a cookie jar at the register, with an assortment of cookies, and you could take as many as you wanted.

I really should have gotten my lawsuit in sooner...
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I love these things!! I can't belive this lawyer!!

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