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Update on Levi, he is MAD

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Levi is doing great after being neutered!! Thank you to Jake and everyone for their

I do have a little problem that I don't understand?? Levi has been biting since he got home 2 nights ago??? Is he just mad at his experience?, will this continue?? He was such a good boy, now it's like he came home from jail and has an attitude!!

Has this happend to anyone else??

Here is my sig of my baby Levi and Samantha!!
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When Nova was spayed, she hissed and wouldnt let me pet her for about a day. I think your Levi should be back to normal soon, if he isn't by now. Don't be afraid to call your vet's office and ask questions. (I had many after Nova was spayed!)
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Are you pampering him ? Some cats hate to be over stimulated...to much petting and attention can bother a cat and make him act that way ....Especially if he just wants to be left alone for alittle bit
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I have tried to let him have his space and come for attention when HE wants it. They even told me to put him in the bathroom for a couple of days to let him heal properly.

He is doing better, just not as sweet as he was before he went!! I hope he gets happier!!

It is so cute, you know those baby boucer things that newborns sit in?? Well, that is what he has chosen as his bed!! It is so cute, You go into the bathroom and there he is in this baby bouncer, I have to take a picture of it and post it!! It is so sweet!

I will jusat try and give him more space and love him when he wants it!!
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As is true of humans, each cat reacts to drugs differently. What you are seeing is probably an emotional response to the various drugs he was given. Most anesthetics can cause strange perceptions, hallucinations, mood swings, etc.

When we picked up Snoopy, the first cat we owned as a couple, the vet solemnly handed me a pair of welder's gloves so I could handle him. And, it turned out, I needed them; he went after my hand in a big way. However, by the next day he was his usual self.
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