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Messed up W-2?????

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The company I am working for got bought out by another company 1 1/2 years ago....and since that time, payroll has screwed up majorly. I want to know what's going on.

Basically, our w-2's were sent out from the main office in San Diego, CA....we are in MD and VA. I STILL haven't received it, but there is an employee website we can go to and print out our W-2. We were tired of waiting, and we couldn't go by my last pay stub because a certified tax preparer can face HUGE penalties if they do, at least in WVA.

The W-2 we printed out didn't match what was on my last pay stub, but the payroll dept is so screwed up it's not funny so we filed using the W-2 printed from the website.

Today, we got a memo saying DON'T go by the W-2 from the website because they some aren't correct, and to wait until we receive it in the mail. :shrug:

So, if the IRS comes after us, is it our fault or the companies? Why would they post incorrect W-2's on the payroll site? The difference of a return using my last pay stub (DH just wanted to get an idea) and the actual W-2 that we printed out was about $700 in our favor.
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I'm not sure what the time frame is for doing so, but you actually have quite a bit of time to file an amended return if you obtain new or corrected information. I do believe that you're actually allowed a couple of years to amend one.
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