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Kitty terror: another vase shattered

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Well, I keep thinking that NOW my apartment is completely kitty terror proof. There are no more posters or pieces of paper on the walls within her reach (several shredded before I learned this lesson), my broom is put away in a high place (first one also shredded), and there are no more breakable objects on any counters, tables, or anywhere she could possibly get to them. I learned this lesson only recently, as she has started purposefully knocking objects off my refrigerator, bookshelvs, tables, etc. (I know she's doing it on purpose because she starts to knock something off, then looks to see if I'm watching before knocking it off completely. She sent my expensive blender shattering to the floor, as with two flower vases, and a glass bottle.

My kitten is 11 months old, is the only cat in my house (small studio apartment), and I play with her everyday. I give her lots of love, have made sure there are plenty of high places in the apartment she can climb up to without disturbing my things, have given her lots of different toys, and take her outside for walks almost every day on a leash (I'm in the city). Inevitably though, as I’m sure you all know, kittens will get bored. And recently, when she gets bored, she has started knocking things off from high places.
I know she’s just trying to get my attention, wants to play. Not sure there’s really anything that can be done save continuing to adapt to her tactics. I’m just really really hoping that she’ll calm down after a few years.
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she'll calm down w/time - usually, i see a change right around 18 months-2 years... more likely to lap-sit, sleep more, etc.
she's doing the time-honored cat test of the law of gravity, btw - all cats do this from time to time.
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Jack loves to test gravity always has--luckily only with small things. At least once a week he sits on the desk and knocks my pen off, I pick it up and put it back, he knocks it off--repeat repeat--it makes a fun noise because we have one of those plastic mats under the computer chair. Luckily he doesn't do it with many things much heavier than that. He also likes to get on the night stand and knock my glasses on the floor--if I can't find them in the morning when I go to get up, I can pretty much guarantee they are somewhere on the floor.

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