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Help with food

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Hi everyone,

I am desperately truly to get my 8 month old rescue kitty off of Fancy Feast. So far we have tried : Evo, Natural balance, Felidae, Weruva, Wellness, Forster and Smith, Nutro, raw chicken/beef - no success - he turns his nose up at everything. Does anyone have any suggestions - what wet food does your cat eat? I am wasting alot of food and money so I would appreciate any help. Oliver is now in a steady diet of Evo dry ( the only food that he will eat) and I would like to transition him over to a wet grain free diet). I did notice that he likes food with alot of gravy as opposed to the pate style. Thank you all in advance

Mia, Cleo, and Oliver
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Hmmmmm, I don't think grainfree wets have gravy??Good luck finding one he will eat!Maybe a wet with grains (that has a gravy)?I would think a wet with grains in it is better than no wet at all!Merrick has some really good food,none of my cats have ever turned thier nose up at it??again good luck
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Have you tried the Nutro pouches? That's the favorite food for my girlfriend's two gravy-loving kids. Also, try mixing it in with the Fancy Feast to start. Slowly use less and less Fancy Feast until they are just getting Nutro (or whatever food you choose).
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Wellness makes grain free gravy pouches
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