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Update on Chynna

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She's home now. Very happy to be home actually. She rubbed against everything, ran to the litter box and used it, then ran to her food dish and demanded food. I had to pick her up and cuddle her first, she was completely ignoring me!

Dr. Worb is going to call me and discuss the lab values. In a nut shell:

1. No UTI detected. They took the urine directly from her bladder and only found 1 red blood cell.

2. Her kidney function levels are up a little. Not sure by how much at this point. He didn't sound too concerned though.

3. She is hyperthyroid. Not sure is the values are the same in the USA, but he said "67" and he gets concerned with an older cat who has a value of 58. So I have to give her 1/2 of a thyroid pill every morning in addition to her amlodipine (Norvasc).

I have to take her back in about 2 weeks for another T4 level to check her levels while on the pills. If needed, he will adjust the tapazol dosage then. He wants to start off conservatively. Her wait is down just a smidge. She had been 4.78 kg, now she's 4.64 kg (2.2 pounds per kg), so that could account for her drop in weight.

Next month I'm taking Abby in for her senior panel and a dental the following month.
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I hope she feels better and the meds help her.
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Hopefully she will start to feel better
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I just got off of the phone with the vet. Here is what he said.

Kidney function is staged 1 to 4. She was a middle stage 2 in March last year. Now she's a high stage 2 to a 3. We talked about diet. But since she won't eat the renal food, he told me to just keep giving her foods that she likes and will eat and not to worry about it because it's more important that she eat and keep her weight than to struggle with her and have her losing more weight. I completely agree with that.

Creatinin: normal values are 71 to 212. Last year in March she was 212. Now she's 232.

Blood Urea Creatinin: normal values are 12.9. Now she's 15.1

WBC are normal

Potassium: normal values are 3.5 to 5.8. Last March she was 4.5. Now she is 3.2. He meant to send me home with a potassium supplement. I'll pick it up next Thursday when I'm at the chiropractor since it's next door.

Thryoid: normal values are 13 to 52. Last year she was in normal rangeat 20.5. Now she's 67.1. I think he said that senior cats are in the bottom 1/3rd.

Her blood pressures were good. Systolic (top value) between 102 and 108 when done with the doppler. When done with the computer it was between 133 and 154.

I am to give her Tapazol every morning and then go back in 2 weeks to have her T4 levels checked again. He may have to adjust the dose.

He also said that the Tapazol will affect her blood pressure to the kidneys, causing the renal values to elevate.

He also said that Tapazol can cause Nausea and vomiting and anorexia. He said that if I notice that she's not eating, to stop giving her the medication and contact them.

He told me that for her age she's doing remarkably well.

So we'll see how things go. Hopefully she will be ok with the Tapazol. Unfortunately no vet hospitals here do the iodine 131 treatment. I think the closest is in Saskatchewan and costs several thousand dollars.
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Has the vet talked about sub q's?
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I'm glad to hear Chynna is happy and at home with you! I hope the meds get her feeling good soon. I'm sure you mentioned it recently; but how old is she again?
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Has the vet talked about sub q's?
He didn't mention it. I will bring it up when I go there next week. However, he didn't say that she was dehydrated. They didn't give her any fluids while there over night.
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Thats good she did not need fluids when she was there.
Coco just started them last friday.
I do it myself.
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I would also ask if her phosphorus value was checked--phosphorous binders can be used in normal foods to bring down the phosphorus level if it was high.
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