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Kitten passes wind!

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One of my kittens Maggie (just over 4 months old) passes wind and it is not good! She has managed to clear our sitting room of visitors, as you can imagine it is a tad embarrassing and the poor thing is so sweet I don't want her to feel she is being avoided or not getting the same attention as her sister!

We have tried over the past 2 months various different types of food (slowly introducing it) and while she is better than she was, she is still "at it". The vet said it was probably due to food rather than anything else.

Anyone experienced this or have any tips!

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I know when i first Got Jack he had bad gas, and he was on Science Plan. I quickly changed it to what the girls were on and he was fine after that.

What's she having?
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My windy kitten had tapeworms.

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Aw poor baby. My Cinnie was laying on my stomach on her side, I saw her leg go up and she let one go. I couldn't believe that she would know enough to do that.
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Originally Posted by aswient View Post
Aw poor baby. My Cinnie was laying on my stomach on her side, I saw her leg go up and she let one go. I couldn't believe that she would know enough to do that.
Sounds like my dad!
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my gassy kitten had, according to the vet, a bacterial intestinal overgrowth. it eventually led to very liquid diarrhea... anyway, it took 2 round of antibiotics + a round of probiotics to eliminate - but she's been gas-free ever since! she's now 4 years old.
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My first thought is worms. Has she been dewormed?
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Although I've never actually heard the passing of wind, I have smelled it many times coming from Jake. It happened more when he was a baby it rarely does.
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My dog used to pass horrible horrible gas. The vet had us switch to a better food (she was being fed the absolute cheapest food possible) and her farts went away... she still has the occassional one but usually due to having people food or wet food.

Kizzy farts from time to time, usually when he actually eats a wet food I put out for him.
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Hi folks

Thanks for all your replies.

She has had Whiskas, Felix, Red Mills, Royal Canin, Tesco, Aldi. From that we have discovered she is not good with Aldi food, Felix pouches, she is not great with gravy food and the whiskas jelly seems to suit her the best. She has improved to be fair to her but my GOD when she lets one rip you know all about it! She has been wormed.

I laughed out loud at the cat that raised its leg!!
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I experienced this with Mr Jinx when I first got him. He liked the steak out of the Taco Bell Gorditas, and would then fart. It was amazing how smelly it was. But, yeah, I have experienced this before
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My kitty had roundworms and would clear the room!!!
We would open the window. It was way bad.
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both my cats had very very very bad gas as kittens, but were totally healthy.

We tried changing foods and that was good because it led me to feed a better quality food. But, it really only stopped once they were almost a year old. Good luck!
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Hey all, I'm new to this site, so take it easy on me

I just rescued a kitten from the Humane society, and it has a clean bill of health. But it has the most awful gas LOL! Wasn't sure if that was normal, but glad to find this post so I can stop worrying!
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