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How to collect urine?

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Any tips on how to collect urine from a cat? I have an appt for spay and urinalysis on Mon. They said it would be cheaper if I can collect the urine myself. Any tips?
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The only way I can do it is I get a clean litter box, put a small amount of litter in it put it out in the open, of course they all have to check it out, I shoo the rest away when the one who you want to get the urine sample from goes in and pees it doesn't all make it on the litter, then I use some kind of an eye dropper and get the clean urine out. I've done that a few times it does work for me. Good luck.
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thanks, I will try that.

I have her locked in the bathroom by herself at the moment, so it wont be hard to make sure its her urine Im collecting.. She peed on the couch last nite, and I didnt want her to continue peeing everywhere until we got this problem resolved.
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I always have the vet do it.
My never charges me to get the urine.
I just pay for the urine test.
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Just make sure that the litterbox you use is clean and very well rinsed--soap can throw off some of the values they are checking for. You can also use clean, rinsed aquarium gravel instead of litter, or plastic pellets called NoSorb, made specifically for this purpose.
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You could try just putting a clean litter box in there with nothing in it, I bet she will pee in it anyway (mine always do when I am trying to clean them!). I have also used the lid to a plastic tote, I put it in the room they are in and they pee in it and I just pour it into a container, this way you are sure it is clean and free of all contaminents. Be sure to refrigerate it too and I wouldn't collect it too early (ie. today) if you are taking it in Monday.
Good luck,
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I figured I will try to wait until Sun nite to try to collect urine.

The vet is weird.. I used them before, the vet I was using was retiring and closing, so I was in the process of seeking a new vet.... one of the cats obviously had worms because I had found some vomit or poop that had a large worm in it, this happened right before Gozer was due for her shots, so I figured I ask for wormer while I had her there.. I requested enough drontal for the whole household, since its a wide spectrum wormer. They wanted a fecal sample from Gozer and charged me quite a bit for it.. I dont see the purpose of a fecal, I saw a worm, chances are ALL of the cats had worms, since they all share the litter boxes, and I knew drontal would take care of it, regardless of the type of worm.. there was a small trace of worms in her stool.. they ended up prescribing the drontal that I asked for anyways! A trip to the vet for shots for 1 cat and wormer for 3 cats cost me almost $200.. I made sure to ask what it was going to cost to collect the sample, spay, etc before I scheduled.. if it was going to be outrageous, I would have just done the spay there, and the urinalysis at my usual vet.

The only reason Im going with this vet instead of my usual vet is because they dont use the ketamine anasthetics.
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