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Question of the Day- February 6th- Friday

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Do you have any problems sleeping? Do you feel you get a good night sleep?

Up until a few months ago I would have answered no to the first question and yes to the second.

A few months ago I was told that I stop breathing when I sleep and gasp for air. So last night I had my first sleep study done. Two hours into they woke me and said they were going to hook me up to a c-pap. So for the rest of the night I was out like a light. Didn't move or anything.

I actually feel very rested this morning and ready for the day.
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I sleep well when I am alone but when I try to sleep with anyone else in the room I wake up every time they move. Usually I feel I get a great night's sleep as long as I am alone.

My ex had sleep apnea. Once he got used to sleeping with the CPAP machine he couldn't function the next day if he tried to sleep without it (due to traveling, etc.).
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I usually sleep great
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I usually sleep OK. I'm a fairly anxious person though, so if there's anything stressful going on, then I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep.
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I didn't sleep well at all after my father died. Even before that I was having problems after he went into the nursing home. It's been a little over 7 months since he died and I am starting to sleep a bit better now. I still wake up some mornings feeling like I was run over by a truck, but that is becoming less frequent.
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Once I'm out, I'm dead to the world but I have a huge problem falling asleep and often have to take something to help.
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I usually don't have trouble sleeping, if I do I know there are furkids to cuddle and fall asleep with!
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Lately, yes, I have problems. It's mainly due to the heat in my apartment- it goes on full blast around 5:30 am and there's nothing I can do about it. I crack the window for a few minutes and the room cools down...but then it takes a long while to fall asleep again...
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I also have sleep apnea... I hate the cpap machine b/c it forces me to sleep on my back. So I don't use it like I should. I also have been having some insomnia which leaves me tired during the day.
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It varies with me, I generally sleep well every third night, and toss and turn a lot the other two.
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I've had trouble sleeping my entire life. When I was in elementary school I often wouldn't fall asleep until after midnight, no matter how hard I tried. I was constantly exhausted. I've taken sleeping pills on and off, and am currently taking some every night. If I don't take sleeping pills I don't get tired until I've been awake for close to 24 hours, so my schedule flips from day to night, day to night, over and over again. Not too big of a problem when I'm not working and the only thing I really have to worry about is picking my son up from school, but when I do have a job that doesn't work out very well.

When I'm taking a sleeping pill I get a good night sleep about 95% of the time. Occasionally I still toss and turn during the night, like last night, especially when I'm not feeling well or I'm nervous/anxious about something. When I'm not taking a sleeping pill, I only get a good night sleep about 10% of the time, if that.
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I've had terrible problems sleeping due to back pain. I could only sleep for an hour, hour and a half, max. After I had my back injections, I slept like a baby! Now my back is beginning to bother me again, and I'm sleeping for shorter and shorter periods. I can usually sleep for about 3 hours before my back hurts enough to wake me up. Ambien helps, but it really messes with my memory, so I don't like to take it. I'm working on making appointments for another series of facet blocks.
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the last year around the last 6 months I was sleeping a bit bad......I mean I had a backache....Like if I was to sleeped over a ship-rope........ I change the bed and now I sleep well, I usual sleep in hammock but some worrieds was I think the motive of the bad sleep.......
I sleep well now from dec until now....
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I don't sleep well at all...that is because all my joints from the lower back down hurt especially my hips and knees. While I can now sleep on one side (thanks to 2 surgeries) I still can't sleep comfortably on the other since the knee is really bad and the hardware in my hip is starting to come out so when I roll over it hurts since the hardware presses up against the soft tissue in my leg. I can't lay on my back since my lower spine was messed up when a doctor placed a needle wrong....and I can't sleep on my stomach because that hurts my usually I lay there and play with my kitties. I drive my fiance crazy because I move soo much during the night.

I could take a pain killer and when I do it puts me to sleep but they give me really bad nightmares and hallucinations. SO I don't take them often....and usually whe nI do finally fall asleep tilly is on my head batting me to wake up... its cute so I can't stay mad at her.
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lately.. no... but I have a month old baby waking up every 3-4 hours to eat.
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It takes me a while to fall asleep but yes I do sleep quite well
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I usually sleep great
Me too, I am soooo happy about it too!
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