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are there any veterinary technicians here?

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ive thought about going to school for this, but of corse nowhere close teaches it, so that rules it out, cause i would need to keep my job and go to classes at the same time to support myself.

my question is, is this something you need the certification for or is it possible to still get that job if they are willing to teach you?
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Not a tech, but depending on area and the vet clinic they often have vet assistants (or they start out that way). Usually training them their selves - it's cheaper to pay an assistant than it is a tech.

IIRC, you need hours in at a vet clinic or shelter to work at while studying to become a tech.
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Hi,I am not yet a vet tech! I am going on my 3rd semester,right now I am doing my first 9 week practicum ( basically I work for free for 9 weeks to get hands on experience) I will do another 9 week praticum after the 4th semester.I do it online at Penn Foster ( there are no schools close by ) it is avma accredited.Good luck!I am not sure as to whether or not you can work as a vet tech without certification.
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thats the other thing i was thinking...if i can start out as a vet asst, if theres the chance of moving up...only thing is right now i only make 10 bucks an hour and where i live i dont even know if they pay that much for a vet asst, if i can at least swing 10 bucks an hour i can do it, or even if i can find a clinic that would hire me part time i can do it around my regular work schedule for some experience.
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Hope you get there eventually! Once you get the right qualifications, I'm sure you'll do great

I'm not a vet tech But I'm too soft for that job, even though since the age of 4 I've wanted to be one.
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^ I think StarryEyedTiGeR's experience in the first thread explains it.

If you want to do this to support yourself financially, don't count on it 100%. As far as anything medical related you'd be better off in nursing, there's no lack of nurses needed.
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thank you ^^^^

i did read some of the posts and i just found out from a long lost friend who is a vet tech that you def dont need to go to school and can be trained by the vet you are working for, thats what she did.

she said they always have job opportunities at where she works so shes going to ask her vet about it and im going to call my local animal clinic and see if they have anything...

i just want to do something i feel good about, and i want to help animals.

ive already thought about nursing and even tho the pays better its alot more stressful.

if i can make the same amount i am wasting away in a call center then im going to go for it
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You can't be a tech without school. Well, I suppose you can start out as an assistant, which is where the vet trains you and then after a few years take the tech exam (I would imagine, dont know for sure though) and get your license, but otherwise you cant start as a tech. Good luck!!
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