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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 6th!

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Morning peeps! FRIDAY IS HERE!:banana:

I am heading to work in a bit...then off to a friends house afterward. The one that had a baby in December. Going to shower her in camera snapshots.

This weekend Josh and I are doing some delivering for a charity...Sunday we are going to a bridal show.. Yeeeehahhahahaa!

Anyhoo, I am tired, I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow

Have a great day folks!
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Happy Friday everyone

Hope ya'll have a great weekend.
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Happy Saturday morning - it's 3AM here. I must get to bed shortly.

I worked until 1am this morning and I came home and fed my babies and checked my emails.

I'll probably have a sleep in the morning and then I don't have much else planned - the house is in need of a clean but can I be bothered? I'll decide that in the morning

I've got work at 6pm till 12am tonight.

Have a good weekend folks!
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Morning All!!!

Warmer temps today -11C but of course it is snowing. However they are saying that it is going to above freezing tomorrow to 4C.

That is my oh boy warm weather happy dance for today.

Heading out shortly I have several errands to run this morning. After those I am meeting with a couple of friends for a late lunch, then home for a quiet evening. I am thinking maybe a movie for tonight but haven't decided for sure yet.

The kitties are Birdwatching, I fill the feeders earlier and we have quite a variety out there right now.

Hope everyone has a great day
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Its sunny and foggy here-go figure. We are in for a long stretch of above normal temps-I think like 35 -36F today alone! These temps will really take the snow down.

But I still feel icky so i can't enjoy the temps today at least. Bad digestive tract yesterday and last night when I went to bed I had the chills really bad. Today I have a headache and am lightheaded. Most likely a bit dehyrated-I lost 4 pounds in the past 36 hours.

So another day of not doing much-TV and reading (and napping). Though I need to shower and wash my hair.

Have to find some energy to fill the birdfeeders and cut up some bread for my turkeys-yesterday I had 4 of them!

Have a good one....................
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Friday and its the end of a BAD BAD week!!

Lets aside from work I have a facial....and I might go to the Japanese book store with my friend we're going to do that either today or tomorrow since i need to pick up a few books for my class.

And besides going to the gym nothing much planned expect for digging through this pile of grad school work.

In addition I told my fiance that we REALLY need to finish the guest list since I have to order invites like this weekend. And sadly I have to turn over my engagement ring to my twin so he can make my wedding ring. (he used my ring the other day to get my size and realized that since i have a tapered band he is going to need it so he can fit my wedding ring to it)

So quiet but still going to be busy. Anyway have a great day everyone!
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i am sure glad its friday...i did wake up with one of my monster headaches tho, and the only thing that helps is applying pressure to my temples, i was doing so good, this is the 1st headache i had this month. I started keeping track cause i was getting them about 2x a week.
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Its friday already? Darn Im out of week and still have stuff to do
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Heya peeps!

Today I was at college, which in a way was a total waste of time, b-cuz it was a "Study Day", meaning 7 hours on the computer, doing virtually nothing.

Later me and my friend had a snowball fight, and I got one right in the eye!


Have a good day!
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