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Friendly tail fluffing?

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My extremely friendly Siamese boy has recently started fluffing up his tail when he comes to sit on my knee.
I've never seen him be aggressive with any human or cat. But he can be a little jealous, if i pet or talk to my other Siamese girl he'll come darting over.
He used to be quite happy to sit by my side with his head on my knee, but he now has to quite persistently sit right on my lap, and if i try to move him off, which I've had to do a few times recently as I'm pregnant and don't want him on my stomach, he'll just wait and jump right back on again, with his tail still all fluffed up!

Does anyone ever experienced this, have any answers or solutions? If so please help!
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i am no expert but i do know that when my guys are extremely happy they will fluff their tails out.My daughter has a siamese and his fluff when happy goes all the way up his back.
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Not sure...but maybe he is annoyed(not aggresive) because he wants to be on yopur lap and you took him off???lol Cats are such funny smart little things
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Originally Posted by prettypink82 View Post
I'm pregnant and don't want him on my stomach,
I think it's quite common for cats to want to sit on pregnant women, I know a few people who's cats became more affectionate when pregnant.
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From experience, I can tell you that cats do like to sit on laps, especially when a pregnant belly is taking most of the room! When I was pregnant with both of my kids, my in-laws cat ALWAYS tried to get in my lap and he would have his bottom in my lap and the rest of his up on my stomach. No idea why but it was cute.
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Do you think the cats are picking up hormonal shifts - that they like? My cats get fluffy tails when they're excited about something - somehow it looks a little different from the mad/scared puffy Halloween cat look.
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