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Litter being tracked everywhere!!

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The problem is not the litterbox itself. My cats don't really kick out much litter. My problem is that the litter is sticking to their feet and being tracked all over the house! I find it in every single room, on the beds ...even on countertops (I have one very naughty kitty!).

I love the new clumping litters (no smell/easy to clean) but obviously it is the problem. I do have mats around the litter box...and the box/mats are sitting on a large rug. This really doesn't help much however!

I've seen some very pricey litterbox furniture on the internet where the litterbox is inside the furniture. I would like to try something (anything!) simplier and cheaper if possible. I am getting desperate though. I am so tired of having to sweep & vacuum every day!!

Any suggestions?
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I don’t know if litter box furniture will help if the problem is the tracking. Even if the box is enclosed in something, the litter will still come out on their paws.

I had pretty good results with the CleverCat top opening litter box since they had to jump out onto the top before going anywhere. There was still litter tracked in the immediate vicinity of the box but not everywhere else.

Now I use the Tidy Cats Breeze and have very minimal tracking due to the large pellet size (but it is still scoopable). I use a hand vacuum once a week to pick up any stray pellets they kick out or I drop while scooping, and that’s about it. The starter set is about $30, and it costs me about the same to maintain as I spent on litter for the CleverCat. I don’t know if switching to that system is an option but I highly recommend it!

Good luck!
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Put a scratching post near the litter box. Cats don't like the feeling of litter between their toes and will usually remove that if they have a way to.
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I know how you feel. I was the same way once upon a time. No matter what combination of products I tried, the litter would be everywhere. Then I switched to Yesterday's News and...problem solved.

Some people don't like using newspaper pellets and I thought I'd be the same way, but nope, I don't mind it at all. Especially when the tracking, if any, can now only found within half a meter of the litter box and the pellets are big, so you can easily pick them up. Every other litter drove me insane, even Feline Pine/wood stove pellets because the sawdust would still get tracked out.
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I have always thought that some sort of a maze that the cats had to pass through to get out of the litter area might help. My only fear would be making it too hard for them to get in, so that it would be easier to use the floor instead of the box.
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Right in front of the box (it is a covered box) we have a deeply grooved automotive style mat. It is rectangular. Next to it, we have a long haired bath mat. The girls walk on one or both mats when exiting the box. Some litter still gets tracked beyond the mats, but not much.
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