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Aha, that's why..

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Every day, Kahu will run back and forth to the bathroom - he will be at full speed, just running and running. We have gotten used to it, commenting stuff like "ahh, Kahu's got the crazies again"

Well, I discovered the reason this morning. I was in the bathroom and just as I was leaving, Kahu comes running in and starts sliding on the floor. He didn't even try to set himself right, it was so obvious that he was doing it on purpose!

So, all those times of running back and forth, he was just acting like a kid with socks and a slippery floor. I was laughing hysterically when I saw him do that - it is the first time I have ever seen anything like that!

Do any of your kits do that??
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That's hilarious.
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We've just moved in to a house with laminate flooring and Roxy was running back and forth across the lounge the other day, and skidding right at the end!
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Nora does that, but at like 2-3am. It's funny when we are awake, but not so much when we aren't. lol She goes from our powder room, through the kitchen and into the laundry room. All in all, it is about a large 270 degree turn, as the door to the bathroom faces south, and the door to the laundry room faces west. She just loves to skid, skid, skid. She gets her nails into it, though, so it makes this weird noise. She's so crazy. She makes so much noise, bumping into everything.
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Poor you Kara!

But it's funny though!

I was so surprised when I saw Kahu doing that, I still haven't stopped laughing.
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My kittens are the worst on our sun room floor - all 5 of them sound like elephants when you're downstairs. My dog also gets the crazies slip sliding all over the lino!
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crazy Kahu! That is so funny that he does that on purpose. We make our kitties slide when they chase treats across the lino, and they seem to be enjoying it.
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hahahahahahaa that is so funny....I can just picture it it made me lol
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My boyfriends RB cat, Cato, would do that. Actually, Doug had hardwood floors and a few scatter rugs. Cato would get a flying start... jump on one of those little rugs and slide,baby, slide. Doug would come home from work to find the rugs all bunched on one side of the livingroom!
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