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Noisy Cat At Night...

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Hi I'm new here.

We have two cats. A 9 year old tortoishell female and a 4 year old tabby male.

My girlfriend and I moved in together in April '08. The cats got on great after a couple of weeks, it was the tortoishell's house.

The tabby male was an indoor cat and soon got used to the great outdoors.

We let him out quite a bit and definitely before bed to burn off some excess energy. He's always been a vocal cat, but recently he 'shouts' before he settles to sleep (fair enough). Then about 3AM he shouts constantly and won't settle. He obviously wants to go out, as I have got up previously and he's run to the patio doors and gone out, but this won't help in the long run. We've tried ignoring him but he goes on for about an hour. Then he starts up again about 5am. The alarm doesn't go off 'til 7. Arrrggghhhh!!!!

Any ideas how to get him to settle? All help appreciated.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
First let me ask a couple of questions. Assuming they are, but are they both spayed and neutered? How old are they? Is it a new home for both or is one moving into the others home? Are they both indoor/outdoor and is the outdoor area enclosed?
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Daisy, 9 is spayed (female Tortoishell) and Rosco, 4 (male Tabby) is Neutered.

I lived here with Daisy, she has lived with cats before. And Rosco moved in in April. Daisy always went out, she older and wiser so at the mo (winter) she stays in.

We have a fenced garden although the fences are 5ft she they can wander i they like. Although Daisy tends to stay in the garden Rosco does wander a little way but always comes back when called.
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