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Whiskas = Kitty Crack

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I feed my cats Waltham's Duck and Rice. I have to get it from the vet so it's not as easy to pick up a bag when I run out. My boyfriend picked up an interim bag of Whiskas. Now that they are back to the ol' Walthams they are on strike eating only what they need to survive, meowing and begging for me to give them the "good" stuff. I've bought small boxes/bags of other cat foods to hold them over before but it was never a problem untill they got a taste of this. Whiskas is the McDonalds of catfoods! You can see the grease on it. Well, obviously they aren't going to starve because they are pecking their food. But I have to come to the conclusion that Whiskas is laced with kitty crack.
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Hmm, must be the same thing that they put on cat treats. Max in particular is hooked on Pounce. We refer to her at times as the "Treat Seeking Missile". We also say she exhibits treat-seeking behavior.
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Cat treat containers are not saife in my house. If they are accidentally left out my cat will tear the top off and eat them till he pukes.
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Yes, same here. I hide the container in a closed drawer between treat times. Otherwise it would be gnawed through in a heartbeat! Now my cats have a Pavlovian response to drawers opening and come running even when I am just opening one to get a hair tie!
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i have the same problem with friskies canned food. binky wont eat the better food, she has to have her kitty junk food. And now it cant be just any frikies, it has to be the "prime fillets", What do they put in that stuff?
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I keep my kitties food in sealed pichers to make pouring it easier. If I leave it within reach it is immeadiatly knocked over and pulled open! Silly Kitties!
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Kitty crack! "Treat Seeking Missle"

You guys (gals) are funny!
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My cats love Whiskas pouches. When one of my cats was only 6 weeks old she raided the pantry and grabbed a pack, carrying it in her mouth into the next room and dropped it at my feet.. what a hint. In between I buy good quality food and switch off.. just like us.. sometimes you want McDonalds, I try to balance the good and bad. EVERYTHING has to be stored in sealed containers or it gets chewed through. Linda
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It seems that I have that problem too. I am in egypt, where we cannot find a great variety. I have Nala who do not eat anything except the dry food. She likes the Purina (Deli cats) or Chef of Friskis. The problem is that many time I do not find these as they are imported. I can find another brand as whiskas. I have other two cats Ginger and Sherry. they were eating all the varieties but seems that they are immitating her now. Now I am out of the friskis and they refuse to eat the Whiskas.
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