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a few questions about cats in heat?

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Do they sometimes urinate innapropriatly when in heat? My boyfriend caught her peeing on the couch.. actually she urinated on the couches about 3 times within 20 mins.. I had also discovered cat urine on the baby's bouncy seat.

Is this a normal thing? Or is UTI more likely? This is the first time we've noticed any innapropriate urination.. she knows where the litter is, I've seen her in in several times.

Also do cats sometimes have a discharge when in heat? My friend was over and playing with her yesterday.. she was rubbing on the cat and getting her quite hot and bothered.. she told me today that she noticed some discharge after she was playing with the cat for abit.
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I don't know about heat, but urinating 3 times in 20 minutes, outside of the box raises a red flag for me about UTI... Good Luck!
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what seems odd is that we havent seen any evidence of innapropriate urination until tonite.. can UTI's come on that quickly in cats?

I have her locked in the bathroom with a litter box for now so she doesnt continue to urinate everywhere.
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Sounds like a uti.
My Coco gets them alot.
If its a uti you can get a urine test and get antibiotics
What color is the discharge?
My Meeko had pyo.
If the discharge is clear its ok but if its yellow,green or pink got to the vet.
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peeing is common when in heat, the discharge is not normal
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I will have to ask my friend if she noticed what color the discharge was.. I havent noticed any tho.

The innapropriate urination like that is common during heat then?

Trying to decide if my best course of action is to rule out UTI ASAP and get that treated first, or schedule her for a spay next week.
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Before you fix her find out if she has a uti.
I have a almost 17 year old cat taht could not be fixed and she has never gone on teh floor when in heat.
She has when she had a uti.
Some cats do go on the floor when in heat though.
It depends on the cat.
Can you wipe her and seeif there is any blood?
sometimes with uti's there is blood.
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Very, 8 out of 10 of the girls I know all pee and/or spray when in season. Ruling out a UTI couldn't hurt though, just to be sure.
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she didnt spray, she squatted and peed... right on the seat and arm rest of the couch!

I can try wiping her and see if I notice anything unusual.
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It's very common for girls to pee when they're in heat.

Thankfully none of my girls have done that.
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I asked my friend if she had any issues when she had her.. she only had one accident, Bastet had pooped as soon as she arrived, but had been flown in by air, plus the drive home, and did not yet know where the litter was.. so she was probably holding it thru the flight and just needed to go!

The lady who had her before told her that sometimes cats do urinate when in season, but they never had issues with Bastet.. but there are more animals here, plus she's been thru a lot of changes recently.

When I wiped her, I didnt see any discharge. She's been in the bathroom all nite to prevent her from peeing everywhere.. I did not see any evidence of frequent urination.. we use a scoopable litter, and the amount in there seems to be normal.
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My vet and I like to joke that all cats only spray when they move into their new homes

It's VERY normal for a female in heat to mark with their pee. Some stand, some squat, and some like to run from place to place and pee everywhere until their bladder is empty We have three girls who represent two different breeds that will spray when in heat. Some are worse than others, and I've even known girls whose only sign of being in heat would be pee outside of the litterbox.

I suggest you keep her confined until she is spayed.
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Ive been told she never had issues before with peeing when in heat. However, Im the 3rd! home she's been in since her owner passed.. I've also been told that she's been in and out of heat for about 8 months now (going to assume she had her kittens then around 8 months or so ago then).. the poor cat's hormones must be a mess!
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Originally Posted by nekkiddoglady View Post
the poor cat's hormones must be a mess!
Poor thing. I also suggest taking her to the vet to rule out a UTI. If it is a UTI, her problem will be all fixed. UTI's are common because cats don't get enough fluid usually from their diet and don't usually drink enough. That is why many people recommend feeding canned food for a large part of the diet and also getting a cat water fountain.
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Hope you can get her spayed soon, 8 months is too long for her to be cycling in and out. Poor girl, sounds like you will give her a nice home that she deserves
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she is getting spayed soon.. the vet asked when I wanted it done, I said I'd bring her in TOMORROW if they have an opening! They dont so spays on Sat tho.. so as of Monday, she will no longer have a uterus!
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just curious.. if the urination does turn out to be a behavoir because of her being in heat.. how long after her spay does the behavoir stop? Is it an immediate thing, or should it take abit for the hormones to work out of her system?

I know if she has a UTI, accidents ussually clear up within a few days of being on antibiotics.

She's not had any accidents in the bathroom, but she's pretty confined and limited on space.. there's not too much she can urinate on in there.

I hate leaving her in the bathroom.. I do enjoy her company, and I liked her crawling under the covers with me and the dog at nite.
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Hard to tell if its a behavior related to being in heat. I hope so and that she will stop once she is spayed. I've never dealt with this kind of problem and so don't have any examples or ideas for you.

Will keep my fingers crossed this all stops once she is spayed.
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Id assume if the urinalysis comes back clean, then its related to her heat cycle.
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The peeing could be a behavior problem its hard to say.
I had a male that peed on everything and he was fixed at 3 months but he never stopped.
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hoping its not a behavoir problem!
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I hope so also.
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