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Anybody used "Pet Boundary"

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Has anyone here tried the "Pet Boundary" -- that device that sends a signal that's supposed to make a cat 'bug off' when it comes within range?

We have a nice, new oriental rug that our cats instantly realized made an excellent scratching spot. My wife is threatening to declaw, I'm saying I'll have them put to sleep before I'll do that to them.

So, I'm looking for something to just keep them off the rug. This sounds like a possibility, but I'd like to know first:

* Does it work?
* Does it freak out the cat, or just gently keep it away from the small area you want to cover.

As a bonus, is it adjustable as to range so that you can limit its area?
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Please don't declaw your kitty, and please don't have them put to sleep over a behavioral issue. I've never tried Pet Boundary or anything similar,I don't like the idea as it's usually an electric shock to deter them. There are LOTS of alternatives though. Try several scratching posts, horizontal and vertical. Try putting a cardboard scratcher (usually come with catnip in them) on the rug for them to scratch on instead. Citrus spray is usually a good deterrant. Trim your kitties' nails or use SoftPaws. There are many ways to train your furbabies not to scratch on things you don't want them to.
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I haven't tried Boundary but when my new cat discovered that the wool rugs were great places to scratch, we bought a big cardboard scratching pad and placed it in her favorite scratching spot. From that point on she has never scratched the rug. These cardboard pads are so light that when we have company we simply stick the cardboard in the closet, and once the guests are gone the scratching pad comes right back out. (Of course for good friends who understand cats, we leave out the cardboard even though it looks pretty silly!)
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