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I want to go to Middle School!

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Next year, our daughter will be starting a public Middle School (grades 6, 7. 8), so we've been attending some school open houses to help us make a decision.

I can't believe how amazing these schools are!

In addition to core classes and a
computer lab,
science lab,
and a wide variety of sports,
she can join band and/or string band.
In grades 7 & 8 she will have a choice of also joining one of two jazz bands.

She will be in
wood shop (complete with jigsaws),
2D and 3D art classes (including pottery and a kiln),
cooking (the lab has all the appliances and a table with a big slanted mirror above so everyone can see what's going on),
running a meteorology station,
sewing (the lab has sewing machines, ironing boards, a washer and dryer, and dressing rooms),
and drama (with a stage, dressing rooms, sound system, makeup tables and lavatories).

There are also about a dozen clubs she can join, including one called "animals."

At lunch, she can have
free play outside (or play sports indoors or out),
go to the library,
or play electronic games in the games room.

The "global schools" also incorporate current life events into the curriculum. For example, the class may compare historical leaders to President Obama - what challenges did/do they face that are similar?

We never even had anything like this in high school. I am so excited for her!

Do you think it would be embarrassing to her if I attend, too?

edit: There's also a recording studio!
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Sorry hun, no mom's allowed!!

We had some of those things when I was her age; but not that many! I went to school on a military base back then so I don't know if things were different at the regular public schools or not. I guess back then computers weren't quite what they are today (heck, I remember joining the Internet club and it was a brand new thing to the school!).

Reading this thread makes me realize we did have some neat things to do in junior high. We didn't have a recording studio; but we did have a 'radio' project in our music class one year. We were split in groups and had to come up with commercials and record them, play the music, etc, from another room to the music room. That was probably the most fun. We had a class we did woodworking in (it was called "Technology") and I liked that. Mostly because I'd grown up puttering around my grandfather's woodworking shop so I had a head start there.

If we'd have had a weather station there; I'd have been in high heaven!! I think it's awesome your daughter will get to be exposed to such a variety of things! Getting kids to try these things out now can spark an interest that could lead them to good careers and interest them in continuing their educations.
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Sorry hun, no mom's allowed!!
Well... okay... I won't go but only because there isn't a metal works lab.

Boy my school must have been crappier than I thought. I'm kind of amazed that I got through college. But Junior High for me was a long time ago!
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Good grief! I want to go too!!!
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WOW!!! That's sounds cool!! I'm guessing Canada isn't having budget crises like the US??
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Wish all schools were like that! That is great for her. You won't get to go, no moms allowed, but you will get to share in the fun and hear all about it
I don't remember middle school being like that?
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That is awesome what kids have access to now in school!
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I can't believe that's a public school! That's pretty cool!!!
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That's awesome! I would want to go, too!
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Good lord, that sounds more like a day camp than a school! Where do I sign up????
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Back when I was in middle school(Fall 1997-Spring 2000) my school was pretty much just like that minus the weather station. I took shop all 3 years and thankfully kept all my fingers. We were limited to the hand powered tooles in 6th grade + drill press and maybe jigsaw if we were lucky. In 7th grade we could use all the tools except the table saw. My favorates were the belt sander and lathe though the lathe really really scared me at first. Things I remember making off the top of my head are: A candle holder(on the lathe), a name plate(had to use CAD and the plastic cutter mashine(don't remember the name of it)), A hanging mirror with shelf in it(That took a month and a half to make), a mini pool table complete with que sticks(not that hard they were doll rods). Thats all I can remember.

I also had to take cooking and sewing much to my dismay. I HATED taking sewing, it was in 7th grade when my hormones kicked in and I thought it was "womans" work. I didn't mind cooking because that was in 6th grade and I got to eat what ever I made(assuming it was eatable).

We also had 3 computer laps in my school and I had to take a computer class every year starting with keyboarding in 6th grade. The we moved to mac's and learned how to do basic animation. Then we moved back to pc and learned how to use Microsoft office and the internet(that year was when yahoo and google were launched as searchengins only).

We also had to take art from basic drawing to 3d drawing and design. And I think they offered a pottery class for 8th graders but i never took it.

We also had good core classes and added PE(required all 3 years) and health education. Actually if I remember right we had some form of health class every year.

I was also on the wrestling team and in the orchestra.
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Does she have a Smart Board in her room? Those are SO COOL.

The kids love them!
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Originally Posted by Whisky'sDad View Post
WOW!!! That's sounds cool!! I'm guessing Canada isn't having budget crises like the US??
Things aren't as bad in Canada, yet, but more money is put into the schools here than in the U.S.

Originally Posted by batgirl2good View Post
Does she have a Smart Board in her room? Those are SO COOL.
She's got one in her elementary school, so I'm going to guess the middle schools have them too. (I didn't even know what it was so I just asked her. I'm American and now I feel like I went to school in the Middle Ages, lol.)
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wow, they have a GAMES ROOM?

I wanna go!
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Smart Boards have been in all my schools that I've attended in the last 5 years. They are awesome!
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