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My Lily is about three years old and drools excessively, all over me and herself when she's purring.

Is this normal or does it signify a problem?
I haven't spoken to a vet yet, her yearly isn't coming up for a few months, but I wanted to see if anyone here has any similar experience.

I love love love her and her purring self...but her stinky cat drool isn't my favorite thing in the world when it's dripping all over me!!
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Since you said it stinks, open up her mouth and take a very close thorough look at her teeth and gums.

If her breath doesn't seem unusually stinky (ie, if it smells like cat food that's normal), her gums are not reddened around the base of her teeth, and her teeth show nothing more than a little yellowing (no plaque/tartar build up or decay) - than yes, it's probably just something she does when she's loving on you.

Also, rubbing at or around a cat's ears a lot can make some cats drool.
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I've heard that when a cat purrs and drools that equals the ultimate show of affection and contentment. Given there are no health issues.
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I had a cat growing up that we got from a family the day he turned six weeks old - clearly too soon to be away from his mother. He cried all night that first night. Then he began nursing on our one-year-old neutered male cat. Yes, I said "neutered male" - I actually have pictures. After several months of "suck-suck" as we laughingly called it, he developed the habit of kneading our laps and drooling buckets while doing it. This habit went on for all of his 20 years of life. The fuzzier the sweater, the better. The drool didn't smell, but it was drool. I bet your kitty is doing lovies.
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My cat Morris drooled excessively (And I usually only noticed it when he was kneading and purring) but we found out after he started losing weight, that he has gingivitis...and after a few days on antibiotics, he doesn't drool at all anymore.

So it could be an early sign for a dental issue!
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Kitty is alomost two and just started drooling some when shes very happy and being petted but, it doesnt smell..
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I think it's lovies too!!! It doesn't smell, just normal stinky cat food breath... I know what icky breath smells like because my Sophie has oral herpes and has BADDDD breath.

thanks guys!!!!
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Originally Posted by Skimble View Post
I've heard that when a cat purrs and drools that equals the ultimate show of affection and contentment. Given there are no health issues.
We have had this question several times before. It has usually ended with people agreeing with what you state above. In my case it is exactly true, Alley gets on my chest and buries her head under my chin and starts drooling.
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I've known one cat who drooled when he was happy. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and wasn't in the greatest of health, but I don't think his ailments were what caused the drool. Your cat is just so relaxed that she can't control herself! (Even we humans drool when we sleep!)

It doesn't sound like anything to worry about.
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Is it like water or like big dog drool?

Maisie dribbles lots of watery dribble when she`s purring. When she had drool all stringy like a dog she was really sick but it came on suddenly with other symptoms.
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Oh thank you.... you wonderful people always make me feel so much better with every concern I have.

It is VERY watery.... When she first started doing it, I said to my husband "awww look, she got water on her chin from drinking out of the fountain" and he was like "um, no that is drool!".....

But when she gets really into it and is purring for a while and it's dripping down it does get kinda thicker..... I wouldn't consider it to be "sick" thick... just like extra spittle... I don't know how to describe it.

lol I just wanted to make sure it's nothing to worry about. I'm sure when she has her next vet visit, I'll be assured there's nothing wrong in the mouth! *crosses fingers*
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All three of my cats are droolers, but Lucy is the queen. She sits on my lap and it's waterworks time. Her teeth/gums are in great shape, she just loves me!
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