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Clive's day ....

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Clive crossed over gracefully and with lots of love last night.

After 4 months of care for possible lymphoma/IBS - and diabetes - his check up on monday showed he had a heart murmur and possibly the beginning of renal failure. Tuesday we tried to hydrate him and lower his sugar, but he had also developed ketoacidosis. The doc said we could try on wed too, but I decided that he should spend his last day at home if he could and not on an IV. His vet, who is very compassionate and honest said he would be fine. But, without treatment or euthanization, he'd suffer badly.

He loved the car and got his head high ehough to watch the traffic as we began out last 24 hours together. He roamed the hall, visited with a neighbor and of course was loved up! The next day we listened to quiet music and chilled out and said our long goodbye. Once I told him I'd be ok and he'd be ok, his body slowly started to shut down ... yet, still tried to move about! I kept assuring him he'd be in peace really soon and in his trust, he began to let go.

He allowed me to snuggle him when I needed to and I gave him his space when he needed it. We layed in the sun, he sat on the window ledge and got fresh air and the last thing he tasted was his favorite treat - creamer!
But, I knew the end was near and grateful we were helping him before he got any worse.

I felt the immense love he had for me when even in his last moments he looked at me as if to say "thank you" and was in all his glory of being loved back. He made sure he know where I was in his final hours - we were eye to eye and nose to nose til the end.

Clive was a quite a gentleman and sociable, but also fiesty! Like me After the sedative was given, he swatted & hissed at the doc when he went to take his arm to flush his catheter - we gave him a few more minutes to be pain-free, it was his time. We held each other and I thanked him for all he was. He slipped quietly and without any problems. It was the best possible scenario and we are blessed it went this way.

Thank you everyone for your advice and support and for listening. Best to all of you.

His little bro Duke is doing well.

Dana, Clive and Duke
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I am so sorry for your loss.

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RIP Clive. I can tell you loved him very much.
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that was lovely. for the gentlemanly Clive, plus some for you & Duke.
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RIP Clive

Your a free spirit now and will watch over your loved ones with loving paws
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That was so sad to read Clive will be safe and well at the bridge now though

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R.I.P were clearly much loved!This made me cry as I read it.I am so sorry for your loss
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Rest in peace sweet Clive. I'm sniffling at my desk after reading about his last day.
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I`m so sorry for your loss of Clive

That is so beautiful that you spent his last day doing things he liked and told him it was ok to go I`m sure he knew how very much you loved him.

I felt the immense love he had for me when even in his last moments he looked at me as if to say "thank you"

When Kitty passed he looked deep into my eyes just before he went I`m not sure what he was trying to tell me but it was like he was saying 'Goodbye'

Rest In Peace Clive
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It was nice the way you chose to spend his last day. Rest in Peace Clive.
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Thank you everyone... it seems the mornings are the hardest... but I know we made our decision together and he is frolicing in heaven...
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I'm sorry for your loss of Clive.

It was nice that you had that time at home with him before he passed.
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thank you for all your kind words...i am still having a hard time missing him - i know it was in his best interest, but it hurts.

In case you have not heard about this here is a link to the Monday Night Candle Ceremony. I've entered Clive's name....
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Thank you for posting that link. I put Monti's name in for tonight.
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I put Calypso's name in there too. Thanks for sharing that link. My heart goes out to everyone who has loved and lost a pet
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