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licking the shower

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My cat is obsessed with going in the bathroom when i shower,she got in today after i was done and got a few licks,any1's cat do this? Is it safe to lick the shower?
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As long as all the soap has washed down the drain, and there aren't any chemicals used, then it should just be water that she's licking. I've had cats that love going in the shower after I finish--Zekkie does it all the time. Some cats really enjoy drinking from the strangest places.
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My kitty licks my feet as I get out of the shower. He is probably thinking: my human smells of nasty soap odors I have to help her get clean...
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Yea she likes to lick my legs when i get out. cleaning chemicals were used but its been about 2 weeks,she seems ok,guess it was all washed down
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Mostly I'm thinking of the ones that get left on, like those automatic shower cleaners.
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When I finish my shower I use the handheld attachment and make sure all the soap is rinsed down because Mulder will get in there after me and do this. We call it drinking 'toe tea' (gross, I know!). I only worry if I've used cleaner/chemicals, and when I do that I just rinse the whole thing very well before I let him back in the bathroom.
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Toe teal . . . too funny!

Our cat, Chester, many years ago used to love to do the same thing.
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My cats go in the shower with me!!and the tub they also like to lick the tub and shower and me!!! when I get out!!silly kitties!!
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One of my cats (Pixel) LOVES to do this, and does it almost every time I shower. I always make sure to rinse out all the soap (and wipe with a washcloth usually) to make sure that there is no residue. When I clean the shower, I rinse great and keep the door shut all that day and rinse again the next day before I let her at it.

That said, I think it's fine. She licks the water out of the bottom of the tub and gets her feet, belly, and butt all wet. I think it's hilarious... but not harmful.
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pepe loves to do this as well but tiger is the weird one lol he loves to drink from the tap when the water is running
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This thread just reminded me that Calypso (RIP) used to drink straight from the faucet. Not just licks either but his whole mouth under it like he was taking a big swig! The more I think about him the more interesting things I can remember

Thor follows me into the shower every day, but I think it's mostly to play with the towel that's hanging on the rack. He hops right into the tub as soon as the water goes off and rolls around in whatever water is left. I think he's too lazy to lick himself clean like a normal cat!
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Holly loves to get in the shower after were done and Kitty has learned from her. I just make sure to rinse all the soap out and I dont clean my shower with anything except a sponge brush these cats are so in charge
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Well to them ITS THERE HOUSE. lol
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Originally Posted by Racn1320 View Post
My cat is obsessed with going in the bathroom when i shower,she got in today after i was done and got a few licks,any1's cat do this? Is it safe to lick the shower?
Although this is a little off topic, your cat reminds me of my golden retriever. Whenever he is around sprinkling water (whether it is a shower, a sprinkler, hose, etc), he will try to drink it. Also, when swimming in a lake, he will actually try to drink the lake water while swimming. A little coincidence you would say.
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Cats love fresh water. When my kitty used to be outdoors (when I lived with my parents) he would always drink water off the ground as opposed to the water in his bowl. I guess the water was just more fresh than the water in the bowl that was changed 6 hours before! My aunt has an automatic water-er thing that keeps the water moving and she said her cat drinks twice the water she did when it was just standing water.
But yes, both of my cats drink the water out of the shower when we are done!
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