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Plagued with ear mites!!!!!

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Hi all, we're baaack! I have 4 {down from 6} kitties; all under a year. I recently had them all spayed/neutered and 2 had ear mites! They were treated with _____________ at the time of surgery, but apparently not cleaned out! One of them....Lilbit...has been scratching, pawing, rubbing his little ears. I took a quick look into them today and they are indeed NASTY! I put a Q tip into his outer ear and got back the same gunk she got out at the office. The 2 girls seem ok.

I called the vet's office and found out that JUST TO WALK IN THE OFFICE IS...$42.00! If his ears need's another $40.00, {and they do need flushing}. If any meds are needed or any treatment it's also EXTRA! As is the cytology for the products of the flushing!


I'm disabled, living on a small fixed SS income. There is NO way I could ever come up with this kind of money!

Anyone out there experienced this type of situation before?

I'm appalled at the high cost of vet care! What are we supposed to do? All of my babies came to me as a result of abandonment or abuse. Two of them were too weak to even suck from a bottle! They think I'm thier Mama!

I spoil them does my boyfriend, who has very slowly warmed up to them. I'm really feeling guilty and like such a bad mom~! there must be a way to take care of this myself!

Thank you so much for loooking at this and also for the caring advice, suggestions, and love my babies will get as we all have before!

Carolann, Pixie, Lilbit,Tippy and last but not least "His Royal Large Ass" Bubba!
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I would just ask the vet for revolution. No need to bring them again.
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We had a similar situation with one of our kittens. All three had ear mites and we used the revolution to get rid of them. Two of the kittens ears cleared up quick but our little boys ears just got worse.

We found out that some cats have an allergic reaction to the mites and can get secondary yeast and staph infections which if left untreated can be very dangerous. While we opted not to have the ears flushed we did have to treat with antibiotic ear drops that the vet prescribed.

If you think its just ear mites get the Revolution from your vet's office. You should just be able to stop up and get that with no appointment and only the cost of the tube. If after a couple of days you don't see improvements you really need to get kitty in to see the vet. Ear mites and the infections they can cause can do some serious damage.
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I can't believe they'd charge so much! When I took Sherman in yesterday he still had earmites - the initial and redosing of Acarexx didn't work because there was too much build up. (Mind you, I asked them to flush his ears while he was being neutered in Dec.).

I suppose because I had already paid, twice, for the Acarexx they didn't charge me for the Ivermectin (active ingredient in acarexx) that they used then the extra doses they sent home with me or for cleaning his ears out some yesterday. They didn't charge me for today's return visit either...

Point - there's cheaper options if you have a vet willing to work with you and maybe you may want to look around for a vet that is willing to work with you.
You can also get ear cleaning solutions from your vet that would loosen that wax but wouldn't leave the ear canals wet.

My past experience with Revolution is that it doesn't work. I've always needed follow up doses of Acarexx to get the rest of the ear mites because of the way they cycle. (But, that may be because I do not monthly dose my cats with insecticides due to the risks outweighing the benefits for me.)
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
I would just ask the vet for revolution. No need to bring them again.

Thanks, I couldnt remember the name of the solution used! Can they do that? Will they do it? What if its not mites, just dirty?
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Find another vet!

There are some in my area that take pity on people who love their pets, but cant afford the high costs. Or, call around and find a clinic.
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I have a related question…

I just brought home a new cat, and although the rescue told he has no mites - with my limited mite-experience the black gunk in his ears is mite doodies. I just got him late Fri night and our vet is not open on weekends.

Kitty was quite shell-shocked but since he was scratching and tilting, Sat morning I decided to clean the ears. He let me do it and he improved.

He had gotten Advantage treatment on Feb 14th. (I use Revolution myself). Could this stuff be expulsion from that treatment or should I assume something more is still going on? His ears do no look inflamed and he is not shaking them much right but I can see more gunk is pushing up.

My questions are: Should I ask for expedited vet visit when I call Monday morning? I am anyway booking him an appt but the practice most likely gives him one 7-10days ahead unless I insist that he is in distress? I will naturally ask them too but the sad fact is that they always like for clients not to push for ‘sick’ appointments, and I’d like to be more informed on this if I can, so they won’t persuade me.

And: If this kind of thing happens is it ok to give another (Revolution) treatment ahead of schedule? Naturally I will ask this from vet too, I am just interested in hearing other opinions.

P.S. The only other time we had mites in our house, our vet swiped the ears clear, told to clean them at home and then we got the drops.
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We always used ear drops and revolution to get rid of ear mites! Kittens ALWAYS come to us with bad ear mite infestations.
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Oh no - I just realized that Advantage does not actually have a mite treatment in it. He has just gotten that and Drontal, so he's not actually been treated for the mites then. Agh!
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I just thought I'd update on my new kitties ears - even though it's a little hijacky and not even about mites anymore! However, it's an important point as it turned out that our kitty did not have mites.

I took him to the vet early Monday morning, and even vet thought that the cooties in his ears looked like mite stuff. After cytology his decision was that Pyry just has stress-infection, bacteria+yeast and all kinds of nasties. He gave him a good cleaning, and send us home with Tresaderm drops.

Cytology and cleaning was $21 on top of the $45 office visit, so what is your vet charging you!!!? I was particularly happy that advice was to give drops for 7 days and if ears still gunky, add 3 more days. If no issues, no additional visit is needed because otherwise Pyry got a clean bill from the check-out. He can start mingling other than potty-sharing!

Lesson reinforced - if you are not expert, let the vet decide what med/if any is appropriate.
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