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Stiff section of tail??

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I've always been curious about this, so I thought I'd ask. If this doesn't belong here, feel free to move it. Thanks!!

Right in the middle of Nora's tail, a section about 3-4" long, feels like it is fused straight. The rest of her tail curls normally and moves normally, but the middle part is stuck strait. It has been like that since we got her when she was about 12 weeks old. I'm just curious as to why it is like that. Thanks!!
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An injury that didn't heal right?

I have a cat whose tail was cut in half when he was a baby. I can tell you without doubt that the bottom half of the tail doesn't have a lot of flex to it. If you watch a cat's tail closely, the base of the tail will wag back and forth, but its the top half that really bends when they swish their tails.

My Stumpy wags his half tail, but it looks like he is shaking a finger back and forth at you. When he tries to wrap his tail around your leg when he walks by, it's like someone is poking your leg with a stick.

Is the stiffness in the center, or generally the bottom half?
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In the center. The bottom part (next to her bottom) moves fine, as does the tip. If you move your hand up her tail from bottom to tip, and try to curl it (like I always do when I pet her, without really thinking about it) it will curl the first few inches, then get stiff and straight, and then the last few inches curl fine.
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I wonder if she injured it when she was young and it fused together??? Perhaps something fell on her tail and crushed it???

The only way you'll find out for certain on what is wrong is to have an x-ray done. Tail injuries are so common that I've never bothered to explore them.
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Firefox's tail does the opposite - it has a permanent curve in it. feels really weird, too. i thought it was perhaps due to an injury - but i've come to the conclusion that's a genetic abnormality.
some of her 'cousins' have bobbed tails. i think there's a bad gene in the pool, & they've interbred until it's caused this.
here's a pic

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It sounds like a tail kink, and they are often genetic. It used to be typical of the breed in Siamese cats. While some kinks are at the end of the tail (my mom's tortie has one like that), others are found in the middle of the tail (my Ragdoll-esque cat, Odo, has one a couple of inches from the tip). With Odo, his isn't visible due to the hair, but I can feel it.
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