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She hates the change! (coins)

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My husband runs a store, and when he counts the till at the end of the day, our little girl Poppy *always* has something to say about it!

Can't quite figure out why. Any ideas?...

(sorry about the camera work... I ain't no cinematographer! lol)
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Hi, she's beautiful! I can only think that it's the type of noise, maybe cause it kind of echos? My daisy is the same with certain types of noise. I call it " Sensitive ear holes!" There is one noise on my husband's fruit mach emulator that he plays that gets Daisy meowing and when Dr Who comes on on tv, she growls at the tv! and stops when the music does! Your video is fine by the way!
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When I was younger I tried my hand at playing the violin. Our cat Tina always had an opinion on my playing. She HATED it and made noise the entire time I practiced.
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I have NO idea why she's meowing, but I have to say, she's so beautiful. She has the face of my Raven (boy) and the body of my Shadow (also a boy, Raven's littermate). Post more pics of her, please.
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First of all, she's gorgeous! Such an expressive face even in that somewhat dark video. I get the impression she doesn't like the noise of the coins being smacked around. She came to you to get ... mmm.... comfort ... to let you know about it... to just complain? Dunno! But she was giving you blinkies - she loves and trusts you.
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I wish Riley had that problem

Every morning, if I don't get up when the alarm goes off he climbs on the dresser and starts pawing the in change jar!

So my snooze alarm is an annoying little *ching*ching* noise
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Oh, twist my rubber arm... Ok. More pictures, as requested!

With her favourite toy, which she rarely gets anymore because she gets SO possessive of it she growls so loud she sounds like a tiger and scares me!

I've never met such a social cat! She's hard to photograph 'cause she's always wrapped around someone's ankles!

Her older sister/surrogate mom, Nikita.

Her best friend in the whole wide world: Dixie!
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Poppy has stolen my heart with her fluffy loveliness. She's simply stunning. Her sister/surrogate mom, Nikita, is gorgeous, as well. Ahhhhh, Dixie is a cutie, too. Let's face it--you have a very photogenic furry clan.
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Great photos!
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