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Update on stray and adoptee

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Its been a while so I thought I would update everyone on Mya and Avalon.

Mya was a stray that I found on my porch and Avalon was the cat that I adopted from the local animal control. I had quite a few problems with Avalon and had her up for adoption a couple of times but I have decided to keep her.

Shes really gotten to settle in nicely now. She hasn't had one of her "fits" in a months and she snuggles up to sleep with me at night now too.
Mya and Avalon still arn't friends and I'm not really sure they ever will be. Avalon loves to play and Mya is more laid back and just wants to relax.

Avalon has tried a couple of times to play with Mya but I think shes going about it all wrong. She'll run up and smack Mya upside the head and run back to her cat tree to wait for Mya to follow after her. Mya just gets a stunned, wide-eyed expression and runs for me. LOL

I'm really happy with my decision to keep Avalon. She still knocks down all of my trash cans and the ONLY vase in the entire room but shes a sweety and a hoot to watch.

They havn't changed at all but I thought I would post pics anyway. I took these this morning.

This is the closest they will sleep to each other. (They both got up when I came in with the camera OF COURSE!)

The round tunnel has been 100% claimed by Avalon. LOL

Here is Mya, (I LOOOVE her eyes!)

And Avalon with her wacky facial expressions.
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Cute! It's looks like Avalon is smirking! lol. I have a little kitty girl named Mya too!
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beautiful kitties
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